Cat® 2D E-fence increases jobsite safely and helps reduce unexpected costs in almost any location. Avoid hazardous obstacles such as walls, underground utilities or overhead structures when operating with E-fence technology.


Use Cat® 2D E-fence for next generation Cat® excavators to stop accidental impacts that can not only harm personnel and damage your excavator but also lead to unexpected fines and costly machine downtime.


Use Cat® 2D E-fence Technology

Use Cat® 2D E-fence feature to set boundaries above, below and around the excavator based on barriers electronically recorded by the app or manually input by the operator. Once activated, your machine will automatically stop at these barriers.

E-fence is simple and intuitive. Press “menu” on the far-right of the monitor and select the app. Once the app is open, activate the 2D E-fence feature and set the desired boundary. Deactivation is just as easy: Open the app and select the enabled feature to deactivate, or press and hold the icon at the bottom of the screen to adjust or deactivate.

Once activated, different icon aspects at the bottom of the home screen turn green based on the feature in use, and they disappear following deactivation. A tone signals when the boundary is activated or when approaching the set boundary.

Cat® 2D E-fence protects operators and other ground personnel while working and prevents damage to your equipment. With E-fence, you avoid even minor collisions that could result in injuries, repair costs and city fines.


Enhanced jobsite safety

E-fence is a Cat technology that improves jobsite safety by limiting the possibility of accidental impact to the excavator, the operator and ground personnel. It also helps decrease operator fatigue by reducing the chance of overswinging or overdigging.


Reduced jobsite costs

Use Cat® 2D E-fence for excavators to help prevent unexpected costs. It keeps the machine within the operator-set boundary, which reduces injuries, repair costs and machine downtime caused by accidental impact, as well as fines due to structure and utility damage at the jobsite.

E-Ceiling sets the maximum reach height of the excavator. You can prevent the boom and stick from going above that boundary so working under overhead obstacles such as powerlines, bridges and other structures is safer and easier.

For activation, raise the boom and stick to the desired height, then use Cat® 2D E-fence to set the boundary. You can also use the E-fence app and manually input the maximum desired height. The excavator will not go above the set point until E-Ceiling is deactivated.


E-Floor sets the bucket depth boundary at a jobsite. This protects the excavator and operator (and your company from fines and utility damage costs) by reducing the chance of hitting underground obstacles.

Set the boundary by placing the bucket at the desired depth and then activating E-Floor. The device records the current depth and creates an electronic boundary that prevents the bucket from being moved lower than that point. The operator can also set the boundary manually by inputting the desired depth.


E-Swing pulls double duty by creating left and right boundaries that prevent the bucket from swinging past a certain point, on either side of the machine. This feature improves safety for projects that require excavators to work near live traffic or in close quarters where nearby structures limit the range of movement.

The operator can set two boundaries with E-Swing when the bucket is moved close to an obstacle, such as a wall, and the position is recorded in degrees. This creates a maximum swing range, and the machine does not move beyond either limit. You can set these limits manually, as well.


E-Wall forms an invisible, electronic barrier directly in front of the excavator, preventing the boom and stick from expanding past a certain point. This protects the machine, operator and any nearby structures by keeping the machine from reaching too far and damaging either the structure or the machine itself.

Activate E-Wall by placing the bucket near the object to be avoided, allowing E-fence to record the distance or by manually inputting the distance. When the excavator reaches the maximum point, commands such as “stick-out” and “boom-down” will be stopped. If it will cause the excavator to reach past the boundary, the operator will be able to roll the bucket in, but not out.


Cab Avoidance prevents contact between the cab and the bucket. Cab Avoidance presets keep your excavator safe from possible impact when the bucket could touch the cab.

By far the simplest feature to use in Cat 2D E-fence for excavators, Cab Avoidance only requires a single touch to turn on and off.

Cab Avoidance

Use Cat® 2D E-fence technology to offer protection from unexpected damage and costly downtime while also improving jobsite safety, no matter where an excavator has to work.


Cat® Construction Technology helps boost efficiency and save time.

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Improve Safety on the Jobsite
Improve Safety on the Jobsite


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