The 'Value' in a Customer Value Agreement





You may have seen the acronym CVA or heard reference to a customer value agreement. But what exactly is a CVA and why should you consider investing in one?

First, a CVA isn’t a new idea. You may have had similar agreements in the past under different names: customer service agreement, customer support agreement, maintenance and repair agreement or something comparable. What is new and different about a Cat® Customer Value Agreement is that word in the middle. CVAs are all about “value” — helping you get more of it from your equipment and your business. Here’s how:


Save time and money on maintenance

The best way to maximize your equipment investment is to stay on top of planned maintenance. But a busy schedule and long work days can make finding time a challenge. A CVA takes the pressure off by delivering the genuine Cat parts you need right to you, right on schedule. If you prefer to do the work yourself, planned maintenance kits come with clear instructions so you can get the job done quickly and accurately. Or you can have your dealer perform some or all of your maintenance — trained professionals will work around your schedule to minimize downtime.


Get the insights you need to prevent failures & downtime

Your equipment generates lots of data. A CVA makes it easy for you not just to access that information but also to use it to lower costs and improve profitability. Every CVA includes the Cat App and My.Cat.Com for real-time viewing of machine location, hours, fuel burn and maintenance alerts — plus the Cat Inspect app for performing, viewing and sharing equipment inspections. You can also add fluid analysis, dealer inspections and condition monitoring to get advanced insights into machine health and performance. All that allows you (or your dealer) to spot potential issues sooner and take action to fix them before they turn into unplanned repair costs and downtime.


Make sure any needed repairs are done right

When repairs are necessary, a CVA gives you the confidence that they’ll be performed by factory-trained dealer technicians using only genuine Cat parts. And all CVAs on new machines include an Equipment Protection Plan (different levels of coverage are available) that protects your machine from covered failures.


Simplify your ownership experience

Finally, CVAs give you the option to roll everything described above — planned maintenance, equipment health insights, an Equipment Protection Plan and more — into your monthly machine payment*. That means just one bill to pay and easier budgeting and forecasting for your operation. You’ll minimize the chance of surprise expenses and increase the opportunity to invest your earnings back into growing your business.


Here’s another way CVAs deliver value: They come with a variety of options to meet your needs. Check out the different choices available for new and used equipment, plus machines you already own, then talk to your Cat dealer about selecting the CVA that fits your operation best.



*Subject to restrictions and availability. Additional terms and conditions may apply.

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