The Value of Going “Genuine”





When deciding what type of replacement parts to buy for your heavy equipment, you have two main options: original equipment manufacturer (OEM) or aftermarket parts. Although each has benefits, genuine OEM parts are more reliable and provide the best return on investment over the life of your equipment. Here’s why:


The right fit

OEM parts are manufactured specifically for your machine and work exactly like the ones you’re replacing. That means you don’t have to guess about what to buy or worry about them not fitting properly. They’re precisely matched to your machine’s other components to deliver greater reliability, durability and longer life.


The right manufacturing

OEM parts are constructed of top-quality materials, built to original specifications by the manufacturer’s own engineers and rigorously tested to ensure performance. Aftermarket parts can’t deliver on that same promise. Even if you buy them from a reputable source, they’re made by a third party that typically reverse-engineers the parts — a process that may not be accurate, can’t be tested properly and can lead to equipment damage.


The right availability

No one maintains a larger inventory of replacement parts than the OEM who manufactures them. Availability is high, no matter where you’re working, and you can typically receive your parts the same day or the next day — reducing your downtime. Ordering is simple, too, as you just need to match up the part numbers. There’s less risk of ordering the wrong item.


The right protection

OEM parts come with a warranty backed by the manufacturer — a guarantee of quality performance for your equipment. Also, remember that using aftermarket parts may void your equipment warranty since they raise the risk of machine complications and failures.


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