Your needs change over time. Enhance your next generation Cat® excavator with these kits and upgrades available from your Cat dealer.

Note: Not all kits and upgrades are compatible with all machines or each other. And, some of these options could have been installed on your machine when you purchased it. Your Cat® dealer can help you determine the options available for your excavator.



  • Demolition Glass – For demolition applications, EN 356 class P5A front window and roof hatch glass is available to replace the standard front window and roof hatch.
  • Rain Protector and Cab Light Cover – The clear polycarbonate rain protector extends from the front of the roof to help keep rain off the front window. The rain protector is not compatible with Falling Object Guards (FOGS) or the full front mesh window guards.
  • LED Premium Lights – The premium light package includes 1200 lumen chassis, left boom, right boom and cab lights and 850 lumen rear left and right lights.
  • Radial Lower Wiper – The radial lower wiper improves visibility through the lower front window in wet and dusty conditions.


Safety & Security:

  • 75 mm (3 in) Retractable Seat Belt – The wider seat belt is available for locations where it is required.

Service & Maintenance:

  • Grease Gun Holder – The kit provides a convenient location to secure a grease gun on the machine.



  • Falling Object Guards (FOGS) – Protect the roof and front window from falling objects while maintaining visibility to the jobsite. Recommended in quarry, demolition or any application where flying or falling objects may be a hazard. The front guard is hinged to make front window cleaning easy. FOGS is not compatible with the cab light cover and rain protector.
  • Vandalism Guards – Use these guards to secure the entire operator station from theft and vandalism off-shift. The steel plate guards attach quickly and are lockable.
  • Mesh Window Guards – Protect your front window from flying debris. Mesh window guards are available for the full front window or just the lower front half. Perfect for hammer applications.
  • Swivel Guard – Useful in demolition and land clearing applications, the swivel guard keeps debris from entering the swivel area.
  • Side Bumpers – The rubber side bumpers can be installed on the right and left sides of the machine to protect it when working in tight quarters.



  • Auxiliary Hydraulic Circuits – For machines not factory-equipped, hydraulic kits are available to add tool control, medium pressure (tool rotate), tool case drain and quick coupler circuits.
  • Auxiliary Hydraulic Foot Pedals – Additional foot pedals are available for two-way auxiliary hydraulic control. A one-way foot pedal can also be added for controlling hammers.

Your Cat dealer has a full line of excavator attachments including buckets, couplers, thumbs, hammers, grapples, mulchers, rakes and more.



  • Bluetooth™ Key Fob – Start the machine securely with the Bluetooth key fob. (Requires the machine to be equipped with a Bluetooth receiver.)
  • Cat Command for Excavating – A sophisticated remote control system that increases productivity while putting operators in a safer, more comfortable environment. Line-of-sight and non-line-of-sight systems are available.
  • Cat Grade with Advanced 2D – This adds cross slope and mainfall guidance to the Grade with 2D system already equipped in many Cat next generation excavators. A second high resolution touchscreen monitor allows you to create simple grade designs right from the operator’s seat.
  • Cat Grade with 3D – This adds real-time satellite positioning guidance and a correctional data source to achieve Real Time Kinematic (RTK) positioning guidance in a three-dimensional space. Cat Grade with 3D uses the same additional touchscreen monitor as Grade with Advanced 2D to create and edit designs in the field. Cat Grade with 3D is compatible with radios and base stations from Trimble, Topcon and Leica.

To order excavator kits and add-ons, go to Parts.Cat.Com.


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