Use Cat® Grade with Assist to improve your grading speed and accuracy with next-level automation. This easy-to-use 2D system automates the key boom and bucket functions so operators of all experience levels can easily and accurately control excavators and reduce grading time by 45%.

Cat Grade with Assist is a simple, intuitive interface that lets you set the grade with the push of a button and basically watch the work get done — quickly, safely and accurately. The high level of accuracy in this excavator technology means less time spent on grade checking and rework. It also reduces costs with fuel savings of as much as 25%.

Here are seven features to help your operators get more done with less effort along with videos that give step-by-step instructions on how to get started.

Cat Grade with 2D for excavators is a depth and slope system with optional laser capability that increases your productivity and lowers operating costs. Increased speed to grade and less reliance on ground labor makes you more efficient. Simply input the target depth and slope, and use Cat Grade with Assist’s onboard processors and sensors to calculate the distance to the grade. You’ll get real-time guidance about bucket position throughout the full range of motion for the boom, stick and bucket. Operator efficiency is improved by 35%, and because fewer ground personnel are needed to check grade in and around the trench, it enhances safety too. Grade with 2D is ideal for residential construction, utility projects, general construction and commercial site work.

Cat Grade with Assist with 2D

Want to automatically maintain bucket angle in sloping, leveling, fine grading and trenching applications? It’s easy to use Cat Grade with Assist. To “benchmark,” touch a known vertical starting point, such as a hub or stake, or reference a laser beam from a transmitter located on the jobsite. Then enter the desired depth and slope, and the machine will start digging to grade. The system easily maintains the angle and keeps the cut accurate. 

Grade with Assist: Bucket

Cat Grade with Assist automatically controls the boom movement so you can get to grade quickly and stay on grade with greater accuracy and less fatigue, plus you have full control of the stick function to adjust start/stop and grading speed. It automatically adjusts the boom height through the material to prevent stalling or stopping the bucket under heavy load, and it keeps the tracks from lifting off the ground. Three predefined settings balance speed and accuracy depending on the application.  

The boom setting can automate both boom up and down, or disable the active boom down control, based on operator preference and application. You can maintain grade through the full working range or choose to have full control as the stick moves past vertical inward toward the machine. Use Cat Grade with Assist to help prevent costly overdigging and ensure the last pass is on grade every time.

Grade with Assist: Boom

Bucket Measure Up for Grade allows you to calculate the work tool cutting edge and the angle of the bucket with just a measuring tape, bubble level and plumb line. Watch this video for detailed instructions on how to ensure Grade, E-fence and Assist are accurate and check with your Cat dealer for more information. 

Bucket Measure Up for Grade

Use Cat Grade with Assist with 2D to check grade without a laser level handy. Make sure the excavator is on a flat, stable surface. Paint three dots on the ground and position a bucket reference tooth on the middle dot. Set this as the benchmark using the monitor in the cab. You can check for accuracy by repositioning the reference tooth on each of the painted dots with the bucket open and closed, in extended and close-in positions. Make sure it varies no more than 0.00 to 1.18 inches (0.00 to 0.03 meters) from the benchmark. 

Check out this video for step-by-step instructions. 

Grade Accuracy Check without Laser Level

With the stick vertical, position a self-leveling laser dot level so it aims at the bottom of a reference tooth on the bucket. Set this as the benchmark on the monitor in the cab, and then check for accuracy with the bucket open and closed, extended and close-in, making sure it varies no more than 0.00 to 1.18 inches (0.00 to 0.03 meters) from the benchmark. 

Watch this video for step-by-step directions on how to check grade accuracy using a self-leveling laser dot level and a conventional bubble or spirit level. 

Grade Accuracy Check with Laser Level

Swing Assist automatically stops excavator swing at one or two set points in truck loading and trenching applications. To set, simply swing to the desired stopping point and then activate using the machine monitor. As you get closer, the machine will automatically decelerate and not allow swing past the set point. Manually override by positioning the joystick swing lever back to neutral position, and then swinging through. With less effort, Swing Assist helps you hit more repetitive swing targets, including stockpiling, loading a crusher or hopper and trenching.

Swing Assist

Use Cat Grade with Assist’s simple, intuitive interface to boost productivity, allowing an operator to set the grade with the push of a button and watch the work get done — quickly, safely and accurately. 

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