Use Motor Grader Articulation to Work in Tight Corners

Articulation makes your motor grader stand out against other heavy machines on your jobsite. Unlock your motor grader’s versatility by learning how and when to articulate the frame and lean the wheels. With these functions, you can work accurately and efficiently in tight spaces.

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Learn more about motor grader frame articulation, wheel lean and related in-cab controls by watching this video.

How to Use Articulation on Your Cat® Motor Grader

Estimated watch time: 2 minutes

Let’s review some of the main points on motor grader articulation.


How to use motor grader frame articulation

You can articulate your Cat® motor grader’s frame to shorten its turn radius. This makes working around sharp turns and tight corners easier. Also articulate the frame to: 

  • Counter side draft from large windrows and blade loads

  • Change moldboard cutting width 

  • Reduce blade loads without using your circle

  • Steer the leading end when reversing. 

Joystick machines can have automatic articulation [01:25], an optional feature that syncs your frame’s articulation with the steering of your front tires. Otherwise, simply twist the joystick left and right to articulate the frame.

Find the articulation gauge on your monitor or gauges display [01:18] and note the articulation centering button on the right of your joystick. If you’re in a lever machine, note the location of your articulation lever, as illustrated in the video above. 


How to use motor grader wheel lean

Use your motor grader’s joystick [00:57] or lever [01:49] to lean its wheels.  

Wheel lean shortens your articulated grader’s turn radius and can make your machine handy in different ways. For instance, use wheel lean to help prevent sliding on slopes.

You can also lean your wheels to reduce tire sidewall damage when making ditch cuts by leaning against the side draft. And it’s an easy way to make slight steering corrections during finish grading or to vary the depth of your cut when using your moldboard in a high bank position. 

Remember: Always refer to your Operation and Maintenance Manual for guidance on maintenance, safety, settings, features and more. 

Your Cat dealer is here to support your machine, offering Parts Kits for all your preventive maintenance needs. Download the Cat Inspect app to digitally note your motor grader’s maintenance history, and know you can count on your Cat dealer for your equipment service needs.  


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