Your Cat® hydraulic excavator has been designed to keep its operator safe and comfortable while still delivering the efficiency, durability and high level of performance you expect from Caterpillar. Let’s learn a little about excavator safety features.

Safety Tips for Your Cat® Excavator

Remember to consult your Operation and Maintenance Manual to familiarize yourself with the features of your hydraulic excavator. Be mindful of your personal safety and wear recommended PPE for your worksite, including safety goggles and work boots. Conduct ground-level pre-shift inspections on oil and DEF, and inspect your machine for standard damage and wear. Know and avoid pinch points on your excavator. Avoid slips, trips and falls when entering and exiting your excavator by always maintaining three points of contact on your machine and using steps, handrails and footholds. Don’t forget: Always buckle up when operating your excavator.

The cab of your excavator has been designed with a standard alternative exit and secondary engine shutdown switch for use in case of emergency, along with an integrated ROPS and optional falling object guard structures and hammer mesh guarding screens available. The cab has also been designed for operator comfort with a standard cab filtration system, LED lighting with optional beacons, and two cameras with optional 360-degree view. Follow all startup and shutdown procedures as outlined in your OMM, making sure your machine and attachment are properly positioned. Make sure you put your attachment in resting position before exiting the excavator and utilize your hydraulic lockout lever. Important: Relieve hydraulic pressure before your excavator is serviced. As an added safety feature, your hydraulic tank cap will not even open if your system is still pressurized.

Your Cat dealer is here to support your machine, offering Parts Kits for all your preventive maintenance needs. Download the Cat Inspect app to digitally note your hydraulic excavator’s maintenance history, and know you can always count on your Cat dealer for all your equipment service needs.


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