More 140, 150 or 160 Motor Grader Monitor Features

Want to unlock the full potential of your Cat® 140, 150 or 160 Motor Grader? Learn about advanced features on your motor grader monitor, and you’ll grade with confidence and efficiency on your next job.

Estimated read time: 2 minutes

More 140, 150, 160 Motor Grader Monitor Features

Estimated watch time: 5 minutes

You already know that your Cat® motor grader is durable, powerful and versatile. But did you know mastering your monitor’s features can help save you money and prevent unnecessary downtime? Use your reversing fan function to reduce component wear and cooling system costs. And use the standard Eco mode to increase fuel economy up to 5%. 

In this video, learn about the following menus on your motor grader monitor:

  • Performance [00:18]

  • Settings [00:55]

  • Totals (like fuel used and distance traveled) [02:15]

  • Service (like configuration and diagnostics) [02:31]

  • Machine Status [03:11]

If you’re looking for a more basic rundown of your monitor’s gauges and buttons, check out this article


Have any questions about using your motor grader monitor after watching this video? Check your Operation and Maintenance Manual or contact your Cat dealer.


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