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The busy season for construction projects will soon be underway, and skilled labor is in short supply. Are you ready to compete for the best people? Here are some ways to step up your game.

Reach out to high schools and vocational schools

Ask about opportunities to meet with students in technical programs. Speak to a class. Participate in career days. Invite a group to visit one of your jobsites. Or host an informal Q & A session on campus. (Hint: Bring your younger employees and plenty of snacks.)


Open the door to promising youth

Attract high school seniors and community college students to your business with paid internships, summer jobs and mentoring programs. Think about offering tuition scholarships tied to future employment.


Draft veterans

Check in with your local veterans’ association. It’s a good place to find hard workers and fast learners who are transitioning to civilian life.


Connect with staffing agencies

Build a relationship with a qualified staffing organization that has a track record for filling construction jobs. Ask about the size of their labor pool, the skilled trades they specialize in, their fees and how quickly they provide candidates.

Check Your Culture

Do you have a workplace where people feel safe, respected and appreciated? Do employees have access to information, opportunities for personal growth and impact on decisions that affect their work lives? That’s the kind of environment where quality people want to work.


Think millenial

Although competitive pay and benefits matter to everyone, Millennials may be more inclined to look at other issues, too. They like team projects, collaborative leaders and open communication. Work-life balance is important to them, as is having fun on the job. Will your culture appeal to that kind of job-seeker?


Welcome technology

Given the choice between one company that runs new technology and another that uses old-school equipment, many younger workers would go for the higher-tech option. Keep that in mind as you invest in new equipment.


Get social

If your company is not active on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and other social media sites, you’re failing to reach a key demographic. Make the effort to build an active online presence.

Your recruiting game is critical — in the busy season and all year round. Take some time now to refresh your strategy and refine your tactics, so you’ll be in the best possible position to win.

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