The Rapid Profit Power
of Machine Data





When you’re dealing with a mixed fleet, a diverse operator skill set and multiple projects, it can be hard to know exactly where to look for your quickest quick win. The electronic technology on your machines is keeping track of a wealth of information about what’s happening on your worksite. By tapping into that data, you can course correct problems and get rapid profit-building results.

The technology that connects you to your machine data is called Cat® Link. Product Link™ (the hardware) grabs data from machine sensors and control systems and transmits it electronically to the Cat App, My.Cat.Com and VisionLink®. You can use any (or all) of these tools to track machine location and use, stay on top of maintenance and health, order parts and request service, and take other actions that keep your equipment productive and profitable — all on your own schedule.


Easy, Profitable Wins with Cat® Link Data

Control your fuel costs

Fuel consumption information is some of the most valuable information you can collect and use. Some industry experts say it’s not unusual for idle time to represent as much as 40-50% of total running time. Tracking and reducing idle time can have an immediate payback in reduced fuel costs. If fuel consumption goes up suddenly — and your operator’s task hasn’t changed — it’s a signal that something else needs attention. Here are just some of the problems fuel data can help you uncover before they result in unwanted maintenance or repairs and increased operating costs:

  • Excessive idle time
  • Dirty fuel injectors
  • Plugged air filters
  • Contaminated fuel filters
  • Defective sensors
  • Faulty Engine Control Module
  • Worn piston rings or leaky valves
  • Slipping clutch or transmission
  • Improper lube oil viscosity
  • Undersized machine, bucket or work tool
  • Low tire pressure or worn tires
  • Aggressive or untrained operator


Increase utilization by studying when equipment is not being used

It’s hard to see patterns when you have multiple worksites or equipment working in different locations. With the data in front of you, you can look for alternative uses of equipment — any other function it could serve to generate revenue. Your information may reveal that trucks sit idling too long, burning fuel just to be loaded. By analyzing the data you may find enough idle time exists that you can park one of the trucks. This eliminates the fuel cost of that truck and makes cycle times more efficient for the remaining trucks. Another quick win idea would be using your trucks to contract haul during non-working periods.


Use data to manage maintenance intervals

Analyzing your data can help you increase the efficiency and cost effectiveness of your maintenance schedules. It may surprise you how long you can effectively stretch maintenance intervals, saving time and money. You can also use the Cat Inspect app to ensure inspections get done on time and keep track of any changes in performance and health. Your Cat dealer can help you interpret the data and even provide condition monitoring services to help you develop the most profitable maintenance schedules for your equipment.


Create a fast start team

The information you gather from your machines has the ability to positively impact many areas of your worksites from utilization and uptime to operating costs and billing. Using a cross-functional team to review the data clarifies analyses and recommendations, which can’t help but result in better decisions. It also means that any hurdles can be overcome by the team and not sit completely with a single person.


Your Cat dealer can help you and your team make the most of your bottom line. Don’t wait to put your machine data to work for you.



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