Take a GC Motor Grader Walk-Around

So you’re the operator of a new Cat® GC motor grader. Your new machine combines the powerful performance you expect from Caterpillar with a low cost-per-hour operation to provide an efficient, precise and comfortable operating experience.

Estimated read time: 3 minutes

Video about how to operate GC motor grader

Estimated watch time: 8 minutes

This quick and easy video walk-around can help you get to know your Cat® GC motor grader. Here are just a few things you’ll see:

  • Pre-shift check procedures [00:18]  

    • Inspecting your drawbar, circle and moldboard (DCM)

    • Checking on your swivel hoses and hydraulic lines for leaks 

    • Understanding your compartments and location of radiator and circuits 

    • Looking for leaks and debris in your hoses and compartments 

    • Topping off and checking fluids

    • Checking optional tools like your ripper or scarifier 

  • Safety tips [04:38]

    • Entering and exiting your motor grader safely  

    • Knowing tie offs on your motor grader

    • Finding the location of safety controls  

  • Basic operator settings [05:50]

    • Finding the location of basic controls  

    • Where to find DCM levers

    • Where to find information on your dashboard 

You’ll also see examples of motor grader operator comfort and safety features, like climate control and seating adjustments. By getting to know your motor grader’s features, you can utilize productivity-enhancing features like precise grading with your durable DCM and the digital blade slope meter, which shows you the grade without relying on manual checkers. And standard features like the grouped filtration system and Eco mode can increase your fuel efficiency and decrease maintenance downtime.

Always refer to your Operation and Maintenance Manual for guidance on maintenance, safety, settings, features and more. You can order additional or replacement Operation and Maintenance Manuals if you need a new copy.  

Have any questions about operating your Cat GC motor grader? Reach out to your Cat dealer, who can make sure you are getting the most out of your machine.


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