The Benefits of Mobile Inspection Apps





When you’re dealing with multiple worksites, machines and operators, there are a lot of places where communication about equipment issues can break down. Mobile inspection apps installed on the smartphones or tablets of operators and technicians can help bridge the communication gaps left by voicemails, text messages or handwritten notes.

With more efficient inspections and communication of findings, repairs and maintenance get done faster, and your equipment stays up and running. Here are four ways using mobile inspection apps like Cat® Inspect could increase your equipment availability:


Quick, accurate information-gathering

Paper inspection forms are often compiled over time and become disjointed — there’s no a logical sequence to how a walk-around inspection should progress. Mobile apps walk your operators or technicians through a well-defined inspection every time. Most also allow photographs to be sent along with descriptions.


Fast updates and additions

Need to conduct special inspections? Need to include inspection points for equipment recently added to your fleet? Because mobile apps are electronic, you can send updated inspection forms right to an operator or technician’s smartphone or tablet.


Easy transfer of data

The more times you avoid manual data entry, the less chance for error and the more accurately you maintain your equipment. It’s easy to transfer the information you gather via a mobile inspection app into your other data systems. The Cat Inspect app, for example, integrates with the Cat App, My.Cat.Com and VisionLink® so all your equipment data is in one place.


Less downtime

Some mobile inspection apps escalate repair events and allow you to order parts or open work orders, so you can keep downtime to an absolute minimum.


Download the Cat Inspect app for free for Apple or Android devices and see how it can help you increase efficiency and uptime. Pair it with the Cat App for even more advantages — including easy equipment tracking, health monitoring, parts and service requests and more.



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