Ensure precise loads every time when using Cat® Payload for excavators. Boost productivity, drive down costs and run a more efficient jobsite with this easy-to-use onboard scale system. Measure loads and track jobsite productivity with precision when using Cat Payload for excavators.

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How does it work?

The Cat® Payload system calculates material weight on the go by using data from sensors that measure attachment position and hydraulic pressure.

Whether you’re using a bucket and thumb combination or an orange peel, demolition & sorting or clamshell grapple, the onboard computer keeps a running total of each load. When you get close to the truck’s target weight, an alarm sounds to let you know the truck is at capacity. The number of trucks loaded gets sent to the cloud for recordkeeping and job analysis. When using Payload, you know exactly how many trucks and how many tons have been delivered.

Cat Payload is as simple to use. The in-cab display shows bucket and truck load weights and material movement, as well as productivity and fuel efficiency in real time.

Track progress throughout the day, improving accuracy and consistency no matter your skill level. There’s no need to guess the weight of wet materials, rock or soil. Receive payload overload alerts when the final load exceeds limits as well as audible alerts of weight status accuracy.

Let’s get started using Cat Payload for excavators.

  1. Select the target Payload and then enter the weight (which is the truck capacity) and select Apply.

  2. Choose the Weigh Mode, return to the home screen and let the digging begin.

Need additional details? This video gives you more instructions on using Cat Payload.

Need additional details? This video gives you more instructions on using Cat Payload.


It only takes a few minutes to calibrate your next generation excavator to accurately record the weight of material in your attachment by following the prompts on the monitor in the cab.

Watch this video for step-by-step directions.


Watch this video for step-by-step directions.

Is the rising cost of productivity keeping you up at night? When using Cat Payload for excavators, you can track daily productivity from the cab with access to truck target weights, loads and cycle counts, material movement and daily totals with no loss of productivity due to underloading. The system provides real-time payload estimates without swinging. Plus, auto calibration takes minutes, not hours.

Here are four additional Payload features that can help you monitor and measure productivity.

  • Compile hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and annual statistics on exactly how much material your crews are moving.

  • Eliminate the paper-based ticketing procedure typically used for record keeping in subcontracted trucking.

  • Match your equipment usage to the job at hand, solving the problem of having too few or too many machines on the job.

  • Improve your estimating and bottom line with precise, recorded quantities to populate your spreadsheets.

Using Cat Payload takes the guesswork out of hitting precise load targets and saves operating costs by reducing overloaded and underloaded trucks. When you load trucks to their optimum payload, you can move more material with fewer trips to the scale.

Eliminating overloading reduces excessive wear, expensive tire damage and dangerous material spills — and helps prevent costly accidents for a safer jobsite. Cutting down on underloading means you can move more in fewer loads, saving time and fuel. Improved accuracy reduces costly errors and rework. Plus, operators of all experience levels can improve consistency and accuracy.

Want to know even more about Payload for excavators? Contact your Cat dealer or check out our brochure.


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