Using Application Profiles in Your Dozer

Your bulldozer has dozens of machine settings that make it one of the most versatile tools in your fleet. By using application profiles, you can save and instantly toggle between your preferred machine settings, making it easier than ever to have your dozer up and running, no matter the job.

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Application profiles save machine settings like your blade response and bi-directional speeds. While your dozer comes equipped with a standard factory default application profile, modify your settings and create and edit new application profiles to save yourself the trouble of manually changing all those defaults when it’s time to complete a specific job. The following video takes you through how easy it is to get started.

Set Up Dozer Application Profiles

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You may, for example, regularly do heavy dozing. For that, you could set your machine to fast blade, quick drop enabled, and 1F-2R bi-directional. With application profiles, you can save those settings and call the profile HEAVY DOZING. Next time you need to do that type of work, you don’t have to reenter the settings. They’re already saved for you.

  1. Want to change or add an application profile?

    1. From your monitor’s home screen, select the settings menu.

    2. From here, you can select or create a new application profile.

    3. Select the save profile option to save your current machine settings and create a new profile.

    4. Just confirm your settings and give the profile a name. This application profile will now be available through the settings menu. 

  2. Want to update your settings in an application profile?

    1. Adjust your machine settings, select save and select the profile you’d like to update.

  3. And to delete a profile:

    1. Simply press delete profile from your operator menu and select which one you want to remove.

    REMEMBER: Always refer to your Operation and Maintenance Manual for guidance on maintenance, safety, settings, features and more.


Do you have any other questions about setting applications or using your monitor? Consult your Cat® dealer, who can provide you with the answers. 



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