The right ground engaging tools (GET) can make a big difference in the productivity of your wheel loader. And Caterpillar offers a variety of GET that can increase your wheel loader bucket’s productivity, no matter the material you’re digging into. What should you look for?

Cat® Advansys™ ground engaging tools are strong and durable enough to withstand digging and penetrating shocks, penetrate tightly compacted material, and weather the wearing and scouring of even the most abrasive material.

Cat Advansys GET are designed with more usable wear material, and the tip system design naturally shields the adapter strap without a wear cap, increasing your tip wear life, your bucket lifecycle and efficiency on the jobsite.

Need to swap out GET? That’s easy, too, with a ¾-inch retainer lock that requires no special tools for installation and removal. Just turn the retainer 180 degrees to install or remove the tips.


Here’s a quick look at the Cat Advansys GET options that can make a big difference on your wheel loader. Consult your Cat dealer to see which GET are available in your region.

  • General Purpose tips are standard symmetrical bucket tips.

  • Heavy Duty tips include about 60% more wear material in the tip body than the General Purpose tips. For added durability, Heavy Duty tips can also be made with Abrasion Resistant Material (ARM), a welding process that provides a protective shield of tungsten carbide which can double your wear life.

  • Coal tips have a reduced amount of wear material to maximize bucket payload and a smooth underside to maintain a flat floor.

  • Penetration tips are ideal for densely compacted materials, featuring a leading edge with 60% less cross-sectional area than the General Purpose tip. It has a single center rib that self-sharpens as it wears. Penetration tips are also available with ARM.

  • Penetration Plus tips feature 20% more wear material and a leading edge with 25% less cross-sectional area than the General Purpose tip. It self-sharpens as it wears.

  • Heavy Penetration tips are designed with 60% available wear material to stay sharp through the life of the tip in severe applications.

  • Heavy Abrasion tips are designed with 72% usable wear material to stay sharp through the life of the tip in the most severe applications. Heavy Abrasion tips are also available with ARM.


You’ve selected the best ground engaging tools for the job. But now it’s important to include them in your preventive maintenance routine. Before starting your shift, remember to inspect your GET for wear and damage. Check for the following:

  • Cracks on base edges beside adapters and corner welds, or on top and bottom of the rear weld.

  • Excessive wear on the bucket tips. Tips worn through on the bottom or cracked in the pocket area should be replaced.

  • Damage to the bucket tip adapters. Badly worn bottom straps that are worn into bottom cavity should be replaced.

  • Damaged or missing retainer pins. Tap lightly on each pin. If the pin moves easily, replace the retainer.

  • Excessive wear on the bucket wear plate.

Always consult your Operation and Maintenance Manual before servicing your wheel loader. Go to Parts.Cat.Com to order GET.


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