Looking for job-site ratings for your Cat® natural gas engines within the gas compression industry?  Look no further.


Gas Engine Rating Pro (GERP) is a pioneering computer application that allows the users themselves to calculate site ratings and performance data for gas engines in mechanical drive and electric power generation applications.

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GERP site rating calculations can involve a lot more information all at once to give more accurate, detailed evaluation of the site rating compared to published charts and tables from others.  GERP gives a full date sheet that shows more detail about how the engine will run under specific conditions, the user inputs, to give a thorough snapshot of the engine rating, including performance data, drawings, pump curves and more.

Don’t have detailed information at your fingertips, that’s ok.  GERP offers built-in-files that make basic assumptions for you to give you an estimate until you get your specific information entered in the tool for your engine.  The more specific the inputs, the more informed the calculations are for your engine. 

Get started today.  All you need is a Caterpillar Web Security (CWS) ID.  If you don’t have one, you can easily sign up for one on the entry page.  You can also bookmark this site on for quick access to this tool and others through our gateway.  

Need to run a GERP site rating without an internet connection?

Introducing GERP Lite a new desktop application now available by subscription through the Microsoft® Store. Although not as feature rich as it’s big brother GERP, GERP Lite provides the means to perform a GERP calculation, generate site and standard data sheets and calculate a CAT® methane number without any internet connection. Great for those remote locations or areas where cell service is marginal.

Use this link to download and install GERP Lite. 



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