Damaged Core or Not a Cat® Core? No Problem.

Get credit toward new Cat® Reman products with our flexible core acceptance criteria. Discover the value we place on your used components, whether they’re manufactured by Caterpillar or another OEM.

By Caterpillar | Posted: June 3, 2022 

Two of the most common myths about Cat® Reman products for Cat On-Highway Truck Engines are: “You don’t get credit for a damaged core.” and
“You have to have a Cat core to choose Cat Reman.” Let’s clear up these misconceptions with a quick look at the facts.

You Can Get Full Core Credit for a Damaged Core

In many of our core acceptance criteria for Cat Reman products, we call out two types of damage. A core with operational damage — like a turbocharger with a broken shaft or cracked housing that occurred during normal engine use — is acceptable for full core credit.

Things like fire damage, unsuccessful salvage attempts and excessive rust or corrosion are considered non-operational damage. These cores aren’t typically acceptable — but there are exceptions. You can get full core credit for a core with non-operational damage on Cat Reman upgrade-to-new (UTN) cylinder heads and crankshafts, as well as Cat Reman engines and long blocks with new content.

You Can Turn in a Core Manufactured by a Different OEM

Our remanufacturing program is based on an exchange system where you return a used component — called a “core” — for a Cat Reman product. You get credit for your core based on its condition, which helps lower your costs. To determine your credit, we use simple, visual tests that don’t require special tools or disassembly.

  1. Cat Reman engines with new content: You can get full core credit for an engine core manufactured by a different OEM if you repower with a Cat engine of similar displacement and emissions level.
  2. Cat Reman upgrade-to-new (UTN) cylinder heads: As long as the aftermarket head you return is an equivalent model to the one you purchase, it’s acceptable. We even accept heads with aftermarket piece parts (valves, springs, guides, etc.).
  3. Cat Reman upgrade-to-new (UTN) crankshafts: As long as the aftermarket crankshaft you return is an equivalent model to the one you purchase, it's acceptable.
  4. Cat Reman turbochargers: Through the end of 2022, we’re offering full core credit for any equivalent heavy-duty or medium-duty aftermarket turbo core, plus $500 off your Cat Reman turbo purchase.
  5. Cat Reman water pumps: We’re also giving full core credit for any equivalent medium-duty or heavy-duty aftermarket core when you purchase one of these 10 Cat Reman water pumps. This offer is good through December 31, 2022, too.

Our goal is to make it easy for you to use genuine Cat parts — because we know your Cat truck engine performs better when it’s paired with Cat Reman components.

Want to know more about Cat Reman and our core acceptance criteria?

Check out this Myth Buster Minutes video for answers to some of the most commonly asked questions.

Busting Cat® Reman Myths | Myth Buster Minutes | Cat® On-Highway Truck Engines


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