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How Tracking Technologies Help Manage MLS Player Data and Cat Equipment

What kind of impact does tracking technology have on Major League Soccer and customers of The Cat Rental Store? We got a kick out of learning about both. 

It has been said that knowledge is power. For Major League Soccer and customers of The Cat® Rental Store that knowledge takes the form of data that both gather through cutting edge tracking technology. For customers it means understanding a range of things from machine utilization to what you’re spending to location of assets. For Major League Soccer, it’s about changing the way we watch the game and gives coaches a better understanding of player performance.

How Tracking Captures More Than One Moment

For Major League Soccer teams cameras are positioned in all their stadiums to capture player movement. The system uses artificial intelligence, and the cameras relay live data - including positional data, player speeds and distance as well as ball tracking. The accuracy is within 5 to 8 centimeters. It can also deliver basic event data, including the volume of passes and shots.

The data can fuel many things, including live info for coaches and team analysts, live match stats, and graphics for broadcasts and fans. Carol Bettencourt is vice-president of marketing at Chyron. They partner with the MLS for the stats you see on the broadcasts.

“You can get immersed in how all of this works, Bettencourt said. You can kind of geek out on why your favorite player isn’t performing well or what those stats mean. Or how that new player that was added to the roster is doing. And that sparks conversation and your own understanding of the game and gives you a different kind of excitement you might not get at the game.”

Tracking MLS Player Movements & Performance

Tracking MLS Player Movements & Performance

TRACAB uses spatiotemporal neural networks with up to 21 designated points on a player's body and combines that with information from multiple cameras to capture player skeletal tracking. When combined with pass detection, this skeletal tracking can provide highly accurate, fast offside decisions for match officials and video assistant referees – more commonly known as VAR.

“Information is power, Bettencourt said. “Coaches use this data to understand who is performing well. Or is someone not performing like they usually do? Is there a minor injury that might need to be checked on? So, I think it’s immensely useful to coaching.”

Utilizing Tracked Data for Player Health

MLS teams also use physical tracking systems in training. They gather information such as heart rate, distance covered, HML (high metabolic load) and more. Fritz Volmar dreams of one day playing in the league. He was named to the 2023 Big Ten All-Freshman team, playing for Northwestern University last fall and had experience with this technology playing in the MLS Next Pro division.

“You can set a standard, so if we play three games and I cover 1,500 meters and fourth game I cover 2,000, coaches can start to understand, ‘he’s overworking or he’s doing a lot more sprinting’ and it’s useful so when you go back and watch game film, you can understand why – was I out of position? Did I need to cover more or did the game become more transitional (so you’re running up and down). And then heart rate – again, ‘is he overworking?’ And how do they manage that? So, it sets a great standard for your own personal performance.”

Data is also critical for customers of The Cat Rental Store. The customer portal at makes it easy for you to access critical information from desktops and mobile devices. You can easily manage and monitor rental equipment around the country.

Tracking Cat Assets: A Wealth of Information

This includes companies like Blattner Company, a renewable energy service provider that says they’re growing as fast as the industry is growing. They use rental to fill the void, as it’s hard to own enough assets to cover all the work.

“I’m running reports all the time. So, we use it for the financials, asset tracking, we use it to learn about machine specs and track machine utilization, said Brandon Kaschmitter, Equipment Sourcing and Supply Manager. It’s a one place tool that can give us all the information we need for the assets on the job.”

Tracking Technologies & Managing Spend

Tracking Technologies & Managing Spend

Branch Civil is an employee-owned company based in Roanoke, Virginia. Their focus the transportation and infrastructural needs between and within communities throughout the Mid-Atlantic and Southeast United States.

Chris Caldwell is the company’s equipment field maintenance and logistics superintendent. He says they make great use of rental - whether it’s a couple months of a job or a couple weeks for rental while they’re making repairs to one of their owned assets and the portal is important to their bottom line.

“Being employee owned, wherever we save money within the organization, that goes into profit sharing for our owners. So, monitoring those items in the portal is what we do on a weekly basis. We’re looking at rates. We’re looking at spend. I think it’s an integral part of what we do.”

How Tracking & GPS Keep Tabs on Equipment

Newbern Electric has jobs from New York to California with some sites using between 50 and 80-percent equipment from The Cat Rental Store. Rental asset coordinator, Brian Brookman, says they use the GPS feature to track equipment. 

The GPS really helps, especially on a big job if somebody borrows a piece of equipment. We can track it down and locate it. Or if it’s dropped off at the wrong job site, or if we move it from site to site, we don’t even have to give directions cause they can just pull it up with the GPS.

Brian Brookman

For Major League Soccer and customers of The Cat Rental Store, brings a superior and consistent digital experience – to customers and their ability to manage equipment and to soccer fans and their viewing experience. The data lets customers increase productivity by ensuring resources are being used efficiently and at it allows soccer players to do the same.


The customer portal makes it as simple as possible for you to access your information. All members can access the portal from both desktop and mobile devices.


You have more control over your account with the online and mobile portal, as it contains the following details and information for quick review: active and upcoming rentals, jobsite data, invoices, rates and contract details, telematics, equipment status.


Fritz Volmar played for MLSNext’s St. Louis City 2 and sees great value to tracking technology. He says, “it sets a great standard for your own personal performance.”


Volmar was named to the Big Ten’s All-Freshman team in the fall of 2023. He aspired to play in Major League Soccer in the future.


Use the rental portal to track your equipment and maintain open avenues of communication. Wherever you are, you will have a consistent digital experience.

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 Big Ten’s All-Freshman team
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Tracking Machines And Soccer Players

Major League Soccer and customers of The Cat Rental Store use tracking technology to gather data to improve performance and support a high quality experience in the dirt and on the pitch. 

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