Down To Earth: How Cat Customer Value Agreements (CVA) Can Benefit Your Farming Operation
Down To Earth: How Cat Customer Value Agreements (CVA) Can Benefit Your Farming Operation

How Cat® Customer Value Agreements (CVA) Can Benefit Your Farming Operation

Ben Rice | Agriculture Industry Representative

What is a Cat® Customer Value Agreement?

Simply put, a CVA is a plan that protects your machines through regularly scheduled maintenance and Cat parts kits delivered to your door. There are different CVAs for new machines, certified used machines, and even machines you currently own. With select CVA packages, you can also get 24/7 real-time dealer monitoring on your farm machinery.



Cat® Customer Value Agreements (CVAs) are a one-stop solution for hassle-free ownership. Get the right parts delivered right to you. Reduce risk with an Equipment Protection Plan. Track machine data with the phone in your hand. It’s all in one plan and can be eligible as part of your one machine payment. That’s a CVA.

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How do farmers benefit from CVAs?

CVAs are a great way to make your Cat machine ownership worry- and hassle-free. By delivering parts straight to your door, you minimize any unscheduled downtime and catastrophic failure of your machine. Parts delivery becomes especially important when you live in a more rural area and your dealer is not close by. The goal is to make your regular machine maintenance as simple as possible so you can ensure that your equipment is ready to do the work. With things like Cat filters, for example, you can get 50% longer component life and 80% lower fuel injector cost per hour.


When you get a Customer Value Agreement (CVA), you get hassle-free ownership to keep your equipment easy own and ready to work. Hear how these customers find convenience and peace mind for their operations.

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Controlling costs for your farming operations is always important, no matter where you live. That’s where a CVA comes in – for up to 5 years*, you’ll have a set cost for maintenance that you know ahead of time and which can be rolled into your regular monthly machine payment.  You know the exact cost of planting corn on your farm – why shouldn’t you know the cost of your machine maintenance too?

As we mentioned before, some CVA packages also come with dealer monitoring, providing you with an extra level of support for your machine and added peace of mind. Your dealer monitors the machine in real time and if they see something serious come up, they can reach out to you directly to see if you need a certain part delivered or someone from the dealership to come and perform a repair.

To help keep machine maintenance top-of-mind, you can also set up alerts and inspections through the Cat Inspect app.

Shop Smart:  Your CVA Checklist

Knowing which CVA is right for you all comes down to the level of protection you need. We’ve created this handy guide to help you shop smarter – make sure your CVA includes these benefits as standard:

  • Hassle-Free Ownership
    • Single monthly payment (maintenance with machine)
    • Helpful advice and instructions on equipment and operations 
  • Hassle-Free Maintenance 
    • Genuine Cat® parts, delivered on time to your location
  • Security of Expert Dealer Support
    • An Equipment Protection Plan, which helps protect your machine beyond the standard warranty
    • Expert troubleshooting diagnostics and repairs with Genuine Cat Parts
  • Peace of Mind from Equipment Health Management 
    • Easy access to asset information via machine alerts and the Cat App
    • Access to the Cat Inspect app, where you can set up alerts and schedule maintenance
    • Fluid health

You may want to give your CVA an upgrade, in which case you can add some of the following benefits to your package:

  • EPP Premier, which provides protection for your machine’s brakes, steering, suspension, cab, and electronics on top of standard EPP coverage
  • Trained dealer maintenance and 24/7 real-time monitoring of your machine
  • Genuine Cat® fluids
  • Planned maintenance inspections

If you’re in the market for a new Cat machine, you’re in luck – visit compact equipment offers to learn more about our current offers, including 90 payments, no interest for 90 days on top of 0% financing for 36 months with zero down and a CVA on select Cat machines.

*For participating dealers only


Customer Value Agreements

Explore the benefits and differences across your three CVA options for a new machine.

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Ben Rice

Agriculture Industry Representative

Having spent his formative years on a tobacco farm, Ben Rice went on in the agriculture field to earn degrees in Agriculture Business Management and Agriculture Science from North Carolina State University. Rice now brings his invaluable expertise to Caterpillar as an industry sales and service representative.


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