Power in the Jungle

Bringing reliable, off-grid power to hard-to-reach region in Brazil.

Boa Vista is the largest Brazilian city north of the equator, and is separated from the rest of the country by the nearly impenetrable Amazon rainforest. Isolation from the national power grid, aging and failing equipment, and the region’s increasing need for power made brownouts common and power rationing a necessity. Additional, reliable power was needed quickly.

In eight short weeks, a nearby substation was developed to supply more than 40 MW of power from 32 containerized Cat® 3516A and 3516B diesel generator sets as a temporary, two-year fix. Meeting the long-term power needs of the region and obtaining government permits presented more challenges. Climate conditions were factored in and a source for reliable delivery to the remote location was found. Requirements for low emissions, low noise, excellent voltage, and frequency control were met.


It was important not only to deliver a power solution that meets the current power needs of the region, but also to design the plant in a modular way that allows for physical expansion and the installation of additional generator sets as demand rises in the years ahead.

Working with their local Cat dealer, a solution was delivered – a power plant with 34 Cat C175-20 diesel generator sets and two technicians embedded onsite to provide ongoing service and maintenance. Your local Cat dealer can help you find your power solution. 

“Reliable power solutions that withstand the environment is a must. Shipping parts to our customers is difficult. Many municipalities are reachable only by boat, with some two weeks away. By using equipment from Caterpillar, we have managed to maintain above 90 percent availability.” Said Pedro Farias, technical director for Oliveira Energia.

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Any size or shape, in any regulatory environment. When you need power, Caterpillar is equal to the challenge. Our generators are used in a variety of applications.

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