How do I assemble my unit?

Your Cat portable generator comes almost fully assembled right out of the box.

For all RP Series models you will need to assemble the wheels and the stabilizer feet and add fluids.  

For electric start models ("E" models"), the battery negative cable must be connected to the battery. See Owners  Manual for instructions and safety information.

For RP12000 E models the handle and lifting eye must be attached. Basic assembly instructions are provided in the Owner's Manual that is included with your new unit (see Assembly Section).   If you need additional help, please contact your local  Authorized Sales & Service Center or call the Customer Interaction Center (1-844-797-6387).

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Feet Assembly

  1. Set the frame of the unit on blocks to provide sufficient clearance to install the feet and wheels.
  2. Align the mounting holes of the foot bracket (2) with the mounting holes in the frame.
  3. Insert one 8 mm bolt (1) through each set of mounting holes.
  4. Install and hand tighten one 8 mm nut (3) on each bolt.
  5. Repeat steps 2 – 4 for the other foot.
  6. Tighten all four nuts securely.

Wheel Assembly

  1. Insert short end of axle (5) into the mounting bracket on the frame.
  2. Install one 10 mm nut (4) on the axle and tighten securely to frame.
  3. Place one large washer (6) on the long end of the axle and install wheel (7) with the bolt design facing out.
  4. Install one large washer (6) onto the axle.
  5. Install one 10 mm locking nut (8) onto the axle and tighten securely.
  6. Repeat steps 1 – 5 for the other wheel.
  7. Remove the blocking. 

Battery Connection (If equipped)
RP6500E and RP7500E come with the battery mounted in the battery holder.  To connect the battery:

  1. The unit ships with the positive battery cable (1) already connected.
  2. Attach the cable with the black cap (2) to the negative battery terminal.

Source: Owner's Manual, Page 7

Remove Red Stabilizer Brackets if they are attached to the frame of the generator and the shipping crate