How do I replace the spark plugs?


Information regarding replacement of spark plugs can be found in the Maintenance section of your Owner's Manual:

We recommend only "Genuine CAT Parts" when replacing the spark plug. We Do Not recommend any other spark plug. Spark Plug reference chart for each current unit is located at the bottom of this Knowledge Article.

Changing Spark Plugs
Spark Plugs
Replace Spark Plugs
  1. Remove the side panel.
  2. Remove the spark plug cap (3)
  3. Use the plug wrench (1) to remove the spark plug
  4. Visually check the spark plug to see if it is damaged. If the insulator is cracked, replace the spark plug. If the electrode is damaged, replace the spark plug.
  5. Measure the plug gap (4) with a feeler gauge. Adjust the gap as necessary by carefully bending the side electrode. Refer to Specifications for the correct gap for your product.
  6. Check the spark plug washer to ensure proper working condition. If the washer is damaged, replace the washer.
  7. Install spark plug and tighten to 16 ± 2 lb ft (22 ± 2 Nm). DO NOT overtighten as this may damage the engine.
  8. Reference Spark Plugs below for each product.