Your warranty coverage is based on the country in which you purchased your portable generator. The warranty is not supported outside country of purchase. Please see the Warranty Statement for coverage details. Generators sold in the US and shipped to another country voids the warranty. H&OP can only warranty units that are sold by an ASSC within that ASSC's country so it can be serviced by the ASSC who sold the unit.

H&OP does not sell product outside of US/Canada/Puerto Rico but we want to help you resolve your issue - 

Step 1. First ask location of the consumer calling (this should already be done every time but when they mention another country try to show empathy because they probably got this unit because of some hardship to their way of life - i.e. hurricane, rampant power outages, etc..)

Step 2. Next ask where they bought the generator from (for example: Jose's Hardware, Ace Hardware of Hilton Head, the exact store you purchased the unit from near you)

Step 3. Next get the serial number of the unit in question (this will then give us a "sold to customer" in the United Sates or Canada that H&OP sold the generator to and it must have got to that country or region with their knowledge in some way.

Step 4. We then need to give the consumer the contact information of the "sold to customer" so they can help this consumer with their unit (2 different ways this could happen below).

Decision 1.  If the above "sold to customer" was an ASSC/Dealer that can order service parts and do warranty claims, then they would have been directed to provide this support to the consumer in that country (either first hand or through the second distributor in that country) - thus they ("sold to customer") will order the part (or generator) to help this consumer and to prove the warrantable failure (with pictures or documented information) to get approval of warranty claim

            A Real World Example: the above (sold to party) is Safety Source (an ASSC in Florida) bought the unit from H&OP - 
            they then sold this unit to Jose's Hardware in Venezuela
            if the consumer takes the unit to Jose's Hardware they need to work with Safety Source again to get the parts or another generator 
            to fix/replace for the consumer - the guy at Jose's Hardware must know where they bought the unit from because it wasn't direct from H&OP
            Safety Source can then provide the part to Jose's Hardware and even create an invoice that they paid out to Jose's Hardware for the warranty
            and we will cover that claim. We can only work with the customers that we sold the units to and we can't directly ship to another country

Decision 2.  If the above "sold to customer" is a "sales only" distributor of our H&OP generators - (i.e. Lowes, Amazon, AP Electric, etc..) then that customer will have to take care of this consumer (i.e. Lowes has a service provider Altaquip that can order the parts, Amazon may have to just ship them a new generator that they buy from us, etc...) because we don't have the ability to help in that country and this information should have been communicated up front by the "sold to customer" that sold you (the consumer) this generator