Emissions Reductions
Emissions Reductions

Meeting regulations while maintaining reliability and performance

We’re proud to say that we have the industry’s broadest line of machines that meet this requirement to reduce NOx and Particulate Matter and leading to cleaner air. By planning ahead, we were able to minimize design changes and maintain the reliability and performance our customers demand from their products. Every Tier 4 / Stage V engine is equipped with a combination of proven electronic, fuel, air and aftertreatment components, based on engine size, application and the geographic location in which it will work.

Tier 4 engines have delivered hundreds of thousands of hours of successful operation on Cat Large Mining Trucks. The modular aftertreatment system has proven its ability to deliver with no impact on machine performance. The modular aftertreatment system reduces overall fluid and fuel consumption. Lower fuel burn results in longer engine life and lower repair costs.

We offer Stage V engine emission packages for several of our underground hard rock loading and hauling machines, including the R1700, R2900 and R2900 XE load-haul-dump (LHD) machines, and AD45 and AD63 trucks. In the case of the AD45, its EU Stage V solution is available as a retrofit kit for older AD45B models.

In addition, we offer an optional Ventilation Reduction (VR) Package for some of our underground machines. This package incorporates selective engine hardware and software to reduce diesel particulate matter in the engine exhaust and deliver a significant ventilation rate reduction, a decrease in fuel consumption, and maintained or improved product performance. Our Diesel Particulate Filter complements the VR engine by further reducing particulate matter in the exhaust.


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