Enabling success in the energy transition journey

Whether miners are bringing in new products that help them reduce emissions or adapting their mine site power systems to address changing needs, there is one enabler that will allow them to be more successful in this transition: Technology.

Technology offerings deliver significant benefits across the mining operation, from boosting safety and productivity to more consistent and efficient operations. The result is also a decrease in fuel burn.

  • Autonomy and automation have the biggest impact on sustainability. Autonomous operations eliminate inefficiencies and enable higher machine utilization, for reductions in idle time and less wasted fuel. They also eliminate the variability that may exist in a staffed operation, which creates the consistency that will be essential as mines transition to new energy sources such as batteries. Autonomy is a critical enabler to unlocking the value of electrified machines.
  • Fleet management systems dispatch algorithms that result in less idle time and reduced bunching at the loading site for a decrease in emissions and a reduction in greenhouse gases per ton.
  • Health solutions incorporate machine health information and data analytics to maximize the equipment lifecycle. Managing the health of every asset ensures top performance that can lead to lower emissions. It also helps extend the life of consumables to decrease the amount of waste contributed to the environment.