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Proximity Awareness

Detect Proximity Awareness Can Help

Timely, accurate communication is key to running a productive mine. It’s also essential when it comes to keeping people safe. Detect Proximity Awareness system helps make it a reality. The GNSS-based system uses the latest in peer-to-peer communications to deliver fast and reliable information-sharing between machines — no matter the type, size or manufacturer.

Proximity Awareness tracks machines, site infrastructure or other mobile equipment and presents it to operators on an in-cab mine map display that indicates their position in relation to others.  Zones are displayed on the map and operators are notified when they enter restricted areas or exceed specified speed limits. The display also shows when two or more machines’ projected paths of travel intersect, warning operators of a potential collision.

Proximity Awareness:

  • Reduces risky behaviors and improves adherence to operating procedures like following distance and excessive speeding
  • Provides real-time collision alerts, avoidance zones and risky behavior warnings to operators
  • Stores up to 40,000 incidents onboard and transmits it to the office when machines come within range of a site network or Wi-Fi hotspot
  • Helps build a coaching environment with incident playback capabilities — so near misses can become teachable moments
Light Vehicle Passing Truck
Intersection Example
Reversing to Dump
Situational Awareness
Incident Playback

Feature Sheet

Learn more about the features and benefits of Proximity Awareness.

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