Jobsites around the world use Cat® machines to increase performance, productivity and reliability. At these same jobsites, you'll also find machines that enhance the work of Cat equipment. Many of these complimentary machines boast a Caterpillar bloodline, because they are built on a partial Cat machine or built using Caterpillar components.

Our goal is to maximize Caterpillar content on our Original Equipment Manufactures' products, allowing them the benefit of Caterpillar quality, reliability, serviceability, and availability.

Caterpillar OEM Solutions is dedicated to ensuring the proper components are recommended for each application need.

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Metal Face Seals

When you choose Cat Duo-Cone™ and Heavy Duty Dual Face (HDDF) seals, you choose a metal face seal supplier with equipment manufacturing experience—a supplier with first-hand experience of seals in a wide variety of applications.

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