Cat® power trains provide power to all industries, offering one supplier of an integrated package made of rugged and durable components designed specifically for severe applications. Our power trains allow the engine and transmission to communicate efficiently through controls resulting in smoother shifts and lower fuel consumption.

Cat power trains are built and matched exclusively to a customer’s performance requirements. Optional cooling packages are also available. Our power trains include:

  • Powerful transmissions for shifting and ease of operation.
  • Durable axles that reduce sound, provide traction control, and withstand shock loading.
  • Compact, self-lubricating final drives available in single, double, and triple reduction configurations.
  • The largest selection of types and sizes of torque converters of any off-highway equipment supplier, matched to engine speed and horsepower.

From applications in locomotives, ski lifts, and conveyors to on-highway trucks, airport fire trucks, and dredgers and trenchers, the Cat power train is a highly customizable solution for your power needs.