4 Factors For a Successful CX48 Transmission Repower


4 Factors For a Successful CX48 Transmission Repower



If you’re considering a Cat® CX48 transmission repower for your frac rig, you’re not alone. This frac transmission is a popular choice because of its proven reputation for durability that matches engine life. Successfully converting to the CX48 is a simple process as long as you keep these four factors — in addition to power rating and space claim — in mind.

1. Cradle design

The CX48 is heavier than most other manufacturers’ transmissions — a key factor in its durability. But failing to account for that additional weight during your transmission repower could lead to poorly distributed loads, engine housing cracks or transmission case cracking. As you’re redesigning the cradle to fit the CX48’s mounting points, remember to factor in the frac transmission’s added weight as well.

2. Cooler design

Compared to other frac transmissions, the CX48 tends to be a larger product with greater heat rejection. That means your existing cooler may not be adequate — and continuing to use it could result in the transmission running hot or overheating. As part of your transmission repower, make sure to redesign the cooler to meet the heat rejection guidelines provided in our Application & Installation Guide. 

3. Oil selection

All Cat frac transmissions, including the CX48, run best on Cat TDTO (Transmission Drive Train Oil). It’s a proprietary formula developed, tested and approved specifically for use with our gears, bearings and controls — helping ensure optimum wear life and peak performance. Be sure to make the switch from your existing transmission oil to Cat TDTO following your CX48 transmission repower to avoid running the risk of reduced component life.

4. Controls integration

Are you used to telling your frac transmission how and when to shift or relying on old-school switch-to-ground shifting — common with other manufacturers’ transmissions? That’s no longer an issue with the CX48. Like all Cat transmissions, it features advanced electronic controls that provide continuous flow through gear shifts. Just tell us in which gears you want to operate, and we’ll program that information into the CX48 using SAE J1939 communication.

Choose the level of support you need

When you’re ready to repower, we’re ready to provide whatever amount of support you require. Your Cat dealer can answer questions, support your conversion efforts or manage the transmission repower from start to finish. Caterpillar engineering experts are also on hand to help ensure the successful integration of your new CX48 transmission into your frac rig. To get started, get in touch with your local dealer.




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