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Are you suffering from Fluidium?

You probably don't even know you have it. But a serious condition known as Fluidium afflicts millions of equipment owners and operators around the world, and it's spreading at an alarming rate. The worst part? It causes performance issues with your equipment, including loss of productivity. But don't panic — your Cat® dealer can diagnose Fluidium and get you on the road to a fast recovery.

Side effects may include...

Fluidium can strike anywhere, anytime — and in addition to the performance issues it causes, this condition can lead to a host of unfortunate side effects. (Not to mention really bad decisions.) Just watch what happens to these unsuspecting equipment owners who use another brand of fluids inside their Cat machines.

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Myth: All Brands of Fluids Are the Same

If that were the case, our job would be a lot easier. Instead, we’ve invested the time and effort required to develop Cat Fluids specific to the needs of Cat machines and engines. There is a difference. While others are in the business of selling oil, we’re in the business of protecting your equipment — and we know it will perform better for you when it runs on Cat Fluids.

Healthy machines run on the right fluids

Think oil is oil and grease is grease? Think again. Different systems and applications call for specific fluids, and you’ll find exactly what you need at your Cat dealer or online at Parts.Cat.Com. Choose from 300+ oil, grease and coolant products — available in a variety of package sizes to meet your needs — all developed just for your machines and applications.

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Fluids that work as hard as you do

Don't risk your equipment investment by using other brands of oil, coolant and grease. Although they may meet industry standards, they don't meet Caterpillar standards — which are much higher. Only Caterpillar has the in-depth knowledge — backed by billions of hours of operation — to design fluids that deliver peak performance inside Cat machines and engines every time. And because they're developed, tested and approved to such exacting standards, you can safely use Cat oil, coolant and grease across your entire fleet. A key element in equipment health, Cat Fluids are readily available through your Cat dealer or online at Parts.Cat.Com 24 hours a day.


A hardworking line-up that exceeds industry specifications

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A complete line delivering complete protection for Cat equipment

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Unbeatable performance for everyday and extreme environments

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PM Kits
PM Kits

Everything you need for fast, easy Planned Maintenance

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2.5 gallon relief now available!

Select Cat Oils are now available in 2.5-gallon plastic jugs — perfect for top-offs or smaller volume oil change requirements.

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Myth: You can't use Cat fluids in other brands of equipment

Actually, because Cat Fluids are developed to a higher-than-industry standard, they’re compatible with many equipment brands. That makes life easier if you’re running a mixed fleet. No more hassle of buying multiple manufacturers’ fluids or settling for one substandard brand. You can safely use Cat Fluids in all your equipment. Please consult your Cat dealer to ensure you make the best choice.

Cat® Fluids: The cure for contractor's rising maintenance costs

A big rise in operating and maintenance costs led one construction customer to switch to Cat Fluids. The result? $16,500 in savings due to extended drain intervals.

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Real results from real customers

We know Cat Oils, Coolants and Greases deliver better bottom-line performance in Cat machines. That's why every new piece of Cat equipment comes factory-filled with Cat Fluids. But we don't expect you just to take our word for it. Here's proof from customers worldwide who tried other brands and then made the switch back to Cat Fluids in their machines and engines.

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Match the right fluid to your machine

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Fluids expertise at your fingertips

Get the details about specific Cat Oil, Coolant and Grease products, along with maintenance tips and expert advice on getting the most from your equipment's engine, drive train and hydraulic systems.

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Myth: Changing your fluids often reduces risk

Unfortunately, what you’re reducing isn’t risk — it’s profits. When you replace before the change interval, you lose money by spending extra on unnecessary fluids and taking machines out of productive service. Get your money’s worth and extend your change intervals by choosing fluids designed for your equipment. Cat offers several Cat Fluid products that are specifically designed to perform for longer-than-standard change intervals. Ask your Cat dealer how you can make the most, while changing the least.

Boost performance & your bottom line with Cat Filters

Your equipment performs better when it runs on Cat Fluids — and you can get even more from it by using Cat Filters, too. That's because Cat Fluids and Filters work as a system to protect vital machine components for longer life, higher resale value and a stronger bottom line. Discover what sets Cat Filters apart.

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Get an expert diagnosis

Think you might have a case of Fluidium? The best way to get diagnosed and get back to operating at peak performance is by talking to your Cat dealer. The experts at your local dealer can walk you through the many varieties of Cat oil, coolant and grease available, then make a recommendation on the right ones for your application.

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Myth: Cat fluids are too expensive

You didn’t buy the cheapest machine — so why buy the cheapest oil, coolant or grease? The best way to protect your investment in your Cat equipment is by using Cat Fluids. Do they cost more? Sometimes, yes. (And if you’ve read this far, you know why.) But many times, you’ll find them priced the same as or less than other brands. Do some comparison shopping and see for yourself.