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What happens when you use Cat® Fluids in your equipment? These companies — large and small, working in different industries and various conditions — all saw similar results. Component life, change intervals and uptime increased. Labor, fuel and repair costs decreased. Want to add your success story to this list? Talk to your dealer about making the switch back to Cat Fluids.

15 minutes more uptime a day

You may not be building the world's largest airport, but you can learn from those who are. The IGA Istanbul New Airport team selected Cat Utility Grease with a central greasing system for its 367-machine Cat fleet. Compared to using simple lithium soap grease applied manually, that decision led to 15 minutes more uptime per day per machine, 92 fewer labor hours per day and 16.5 tons less grease consumption per year — for a total annual savings of $1.43 million.

$5,000 saved each year

A Myanmar bus company switched from commercial 15W-40 diesel engine oil to Cat DEO 15W-40, then evaluated fluid condition using Cat S•O•SSM Services. The result? The company was able to extend oil drain intervals by 40 percent — and save 1.3 percent on its fuel bill. Switching eight buses to Cat Oil led to more than $5,000 in savings a year.

40% savings at rebuild time

Serviced its entire life with Cat Fluids and Cat Filters, a Chicago-area refinery company’s Cat 990 wheel loader was rebuilt for the second time at 47,226 hours. After careful disassembly and stringent component inspection, the dealer recommended that all original hydraulic, transmission and final drive components except rubber seals be reused, saving the company 40%.

8 fewer oil changes annually

After using Cat DEO 15W-40 in its fleet of 84 machines over a five-year period, and tracking oil condition with S•O•S Services, a large Egyptian contractor was able to extend change intervals significantly. Eight fewer oil changes per year not only cut down on labor expenses and the need for filter replacement — saving the company $21,000 in oil and $42,000 in filter costs — but also made a big difference in machine uptime.

2x the engine working hours

After using another brand of oil in its dozers and loaders, a gold mine discovered that engine components were badly worn and an engine rebuild was needed after just 8,000 hours. After the rebuild, the mine switched to Cat Oils and saw engine life double to more than 16,000 hours — significantly reducing downtime.

Healthy machines run on the right fluids

Think oil is oil and grease is grease? Think again. Different systems and applications call for specific fluids, and you’ll find exactly what you need at your Cat dealer or online at Parts.Cat.Com. Choose from 300+ oil, grease and coolant products — available in a variety of package sizes to meet your needs — all developed just for your machines and applications.

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