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Whether you’re moving material or finish grading, there’s a Cat® dozer made for the job—small, medium or large. Recently, we simplified the naming for our entire dozer line-up. Download the updated product line here.


Small Dozers Small Dozers

Don’t let the size fool you.

Quick to move from site to site, with the right combination of speed, power and accuracy, small Cat dozers are versatile construction workhorses. Ideal for residential construction tasks such as clearing and grading lots, sloping the sides of roads, back-filling and final grade work for landscaping, there’s a Cat dozer that’s the perfect fit for your operation.


Medium Dozers Medium Dozers

Your choices have never been better.

No matter how you envision the future, there’s a Cat dozer that’s right for your business. Medium Cat dozers deliver industry-leading fuel efficiency and easy maintenance features that reduce owning and operating costs. Next Generation models include factory-integrated Cat Grade technology which makes operators faster and more accurate. Plus, you’ll find the industry’s first high-drive electric drive in this size class.


Large Dozers Large Dozers

Expect big returns.

Large Cat dozers are built to take on the world’s most demanding work. Elevated sprockets increase productivity, simplify maintenance, reduce downtime and raise final drives and powertrain components out of tough underfoot. Keep material moving with the uptime and low operating costs you count on from Cat dozers.    


Dozers Reimagined. Play the Dream Dozer game.

Learn more about the real world options on the Next Generation D6 dozer while you’re building your own in the Dream Dozer Game.

Dream Big
Dream Dozer Dream Dozer

Fewer passes. Faster to Finish.

Cat Grade for dozers boosts productivity by up to 50% and reduces operator input up to 80%.

More Details
Cat Grade for Dozers Cat Grade for Dozers

Automate your Dozing.

With multiple levels of remote control, semi-autonomy and autonomous operation, Cat Command for dozing helps you increase operator safety and comfort while boosting the productivity of your dozer fleet.

Take Command
Cat Command for Dozers Cat Command for Dozers

Next Generation Cat D6 Dozers

Next Generation Cat® D6 Dozers

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