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Miramar, Florida – Caterpillar Marine is pleased to participate in this year’s Seatrade Cruise Global conference held April 9 – 11, at Miami Beach in Florida. This year, Caterpillar will highlight products from their portfolio of digital solutions, the Multi-Engine Optimizer (MEO), MaK™ dual fuel engines and the recent successes in the cruise industry, and environmentally friendly solutions for marine.

John Shock, Cruise Segment Manager for Caterpillar marine commented, “New cruise ships are incorporating technologies to operate more safely, reliably, and efficiently.  And more cruise lines and cruise shipbuilders are selecting Caterpillar Diesel and Dual Fuel engines and digital support solutions to provide to deliver ships that will meet the demands of cruise customers today and in the future.  Seatrade Cruise Global is a great place for cruise industry professionals to gather to plan for these new ships and to learn about new and better services.”

One of Caterpillar’s new digital solutions applicable to the marine industry is Cat® Asset Intelligence. Created to help end users increase operational performance, Cat Asset Intelligence is an essential service that combines remote monitoring with expert analysis to collect and report data on the health and performance of an individual vessel or an entire fleet. Cat Asset Intelligence can make recommendations to manage fuel and energy savings to ensure that operating costs are minimized. Not only does Cat Asset Intelligence report data, but it also uses pattern recognition to learn about systems on board the vessel to predict when something will fail before it happens. In the event of a problem, operators can simply work with fleet advisors to remotely troubleshoot the issue to get the vessel back online, faster. With accumulated experience of more than 40 million hours of analytics refinement, Cat Asset Intelligence has been developed to provide operators with the information they need to make improvements, drive higher uptime and reduce fuel consumption.

Another tool with proven results of providing reduced fuel consumption is the Multi-Engine Optimizer (MEO). The Multi-Engine Optimizer leverages proprietary engine performance data and patented control algorithms to provide intelligence to any power management system. “MEO is the simplest, fastest and lowest cost documentable option for improving fuel consumption and reducing emissions,” said Dra Wiersema, Caterpillar Optimization Solutions Manager. Beneficial to vessel operators, MEO advises power management systems on which engines to operate and the appropriate load for each engine. Together with asymmetrical load allocation, MEO has the ability to provide the lowest possible fuel consumption and CO2 output. Recently, with the integration of MEO into a mix of engines, an offshore operator in the North Sea saved 100,000 liters in fuel.

Caterpillar is proud of the success of the MaK dual fuel retrofit conversion on the Anthony Veder Coral Anthelia LNG carrier. A retrofit conversion is also currently underway for the 472-foot Fure West tanker; a project backed by the European Union and developed with the Zero Vision Tool. Caterpillar offers MaK dual fuel engines from M 43 C to M 46 DF. For both engines, the main dimensions and current engine interfaces remain the same. The M 46 dual fuel engine was designed for electric drive propulsion systems as well as mechanical propulsion systems and was strategically engineered to allow for the retrofitting of current M 43 C engines. Additionally, existing M 32 E engines can be retrofitted to the MaK M 34 DF dual fuel platform.

Caterpillar MaK brand dual fuel engines were first to be used in the cruise industry and are the power for the first major cruise ship to run complete itineraries on LNG.  We have developed key features in our DF engines that enable maximum utilization of LNG fuel from dock to dock,” said John Shock.

To learn more about the latest digital solutions, the Multi-Engine Optimizer, MaK dual fuel engines and how Caterpillar can meet your marine industry needs, stop by the Caterpillar exhibit booth #2443 at the Seatrade conference.   

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Caterpillar Marine, with headquarters in Hamburg, Germany, groups all the marketing and service activities for Cat® and MaK marine diesel, dual fuel and gas power and propulsion systems within Caterpillar Inc. The organization provides premier power solutions in the medium- and high-speed segments with outputs from 93 to 16,800 kW in main propulsion and 10 to 16,100 kWe in marine generator sets as well as a comprehensive portfolio of propulsion solutions. The sales and service network includes more than 2,100 dealer locations world-wide dedicated to support customers in ocean-going, commercial marine and pleasure craft wherever they are.

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