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Cat Hydraulic Hoses and Couplings
Cat Hydraulic Hoses and Couplings





Let’s face it. Hose and couplings are easy to forget about — right up until one fails on an essential machine. These critical components carry the lifeblood of hydraulic systems , so hose reliability can make a huge difference in your operation.

Since the 1960s, Caterpillar® has offered a range of high-quality hydraulic hose, coupling products and assembly tooling kits. We are the only major OEM to build its own hose products, and continue to invest in improving engineering, reliability and value to make sure you get the safest, most dependable hose possible

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Only OEM­-­Made Hose in the industry


Quick Turnaround Times


Solutions for Cat And Mixed-Fleet Equipment






Different By Design


Why are Cat hose and couplings a cut above the competition? Caterpillar is the only OEM that makes its own hose components and assemblies. They are designed and tested as a system, not as individual components, and are manufactured to the highest quality and safety standards in the industry. Cat hose components deliver unrivaled performance on all kinds of mobile and fixed-plant equipment, regardless of brand, so you can depend on them across your fleet.


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Five Convenient Service Solutions

Branch Solutions

Sometimes a human connection is what you need. The experts at your Cat dealer's parts counter are happy to answer questions and help you find the right parts and service information. Ordering hose assemblies is as easy as 1-2-3.

Branch Solutions for Hoses & Couplings
Branch Solutions for Hoses & Couplings


Step 1

Provide us with the Cat hose part number(s) you need, either in person or over the phone.


Step 2

Your dealer will build an exact replacement hose using genuine Cat parts to original Caterpillar OEM specifications.


Step 3

Fast turnaround and quick delivery will get your equipment back up and running.


Online Solutions

Enjoy quick, convenient ordering and outstanding parts availability when you order genuine Cat hose, couplings, tooling or complete assemblies online.

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Online Solutions for Hoses & Couplings
Online Solutions for Hoses & Couplings


Do-It-Myself Solutions

No time to wait? Assemble your own replacement hose on site in your own shop. Your Cat dealer will provide all the parts inventory, tooling and training your crew needs to turn out top-quality hose. Choose from four levels of crimping capacity, assembly technology and portability to suit the skills of your people and the needs of your operation.

Do-It-Myself Solutions for Hoses & Couplings
Do-It-Myself Solutions for Hoses & Couplings



Crimping up to 1.25” — Covers basic requirements for smaller equipment and can be easily transported to your jobsite.



Crimping up to 3” — Offers comprehensive coverage for your replacement hose assembly needs.



Crimping up to 3” — Includes a computer-controlled hose press with guided menus for easy operation and set up. Final crimp specifications are recorded for added safety and traceability.



Crimping up to 4” — Our full-service offering includes Cat Crimputer Control, ideal for servicing large mining equipment or producing a large volume of hose assemblies.


Mobile Solutions

When time is short (and when is it not on a busy jobsite?), it’s good to know you can rely on your Cat dealer’s Mobile Hydraulic Hose Service to get you back to work quickly. With around the clock  availability, a well-stocked mobile hose assembly vehicle and on-call hose experts, you can count on fast responses that will get any machine in your fleet up and running again.

Mobile Solutions for Hoses & Couplings
Mobile Solutions for Hoses & Couplings


* Cat Hose Service Solutions are expanding daily. Please contact your dealer for more information about availability in your area.


Jobsite Solutions

For the most time-sensitive applications, your Cat dealer will place a full hose shop container directly at your jobsite. Ideal for mine sites, large construction projects and remote locations, these fully-equipped container solutions are tailored to your operation. They get disabled equipment back to work quickly and help to keep every machine in your fleet running at peak performance.

On-Site Solutions for Hoses & Couplings
On-Site Solutions for Hoses & Couplings






Talk to Your Cat Dealer

Your Cat dealer offers a huge range of hose types and coupling connections to ensure that you can get a quality Cat hydraulic hose assembly for any machine in your fleet. Plus, their expert technicians will make it right and have it ready for pickup or delivery in no time.

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Dealer Consultation
Dealer Consultation





Frequently asked questions

What makes Cat OEM manufactured hose and couplings better?

Cat hose and coupling solutions offer unrivaled reliability and performance because they’re built as a system and designed specifically for the machines and applications in which they’ll be used.


How well do Cat hose and couplings meet safety standards?

Caterpillar manufactures and tests components beyond industry standards. Assembled and matched with Cat hose assembly tooling, they deliver the most reliable connections.


How do Cat hose and couplings work for mixed fleets?

Yes, Cat hose assemblies are made to support equipment from other manufactures. With a broad range of hose that meets or exceeds all major industry standards (SAE/EN/ISO) and coupling sealing types, your Cat dealer can assemble hose for virtually any machine in any fleet, and back them up with world-class service and support.


Are Cat hose and couplings expensive?

There is cheaper hose available, but initial price is only part of the total cost equation. Cat hose, components and assemblies deliver maximum value through superior abrasion resistance, flexibility and leak-free connections.






Reusable Couplings

Designed for spiral XT high pressure hose in sizes one inch and larger, reusable couplings help you save time, save money and minimize inventory.

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Cat Reusable Couplings
Cat Reusable Couplings





Hose and Coupling Solutions for Your Mining Operation

Cat hose and couplings can take on the toughest mining applications. With on-site options and available inventory management, your Cat dealer will help you keep your fleet working reliably when productivity and availability are vital.

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Hose & Coupling Solutions for Mining
Hose & Coupling Solutions for Mining

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