how to take a sample and read results

How to Take a Sample & Read Results

Below you will see real-time examples of how to take a proper fluid sample as well as access to "how to" guides for how to properly take, label and understand the results of the fluid analysis.  

"How to" guides include:

- Different methods of how to take a sample
- A step-by-step process for each type of fluid
- The proper way to label samples before they are analysed
- Information to help you understand the results

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How to Sample Diesel Fuel

This guide walks you through sampling valve and vacuum extraction methods and includes installation, labeling and cleaning tips.

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How to Sample Oil & Coolant

For easy reference on different methods, download this simple how-to guide.

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How to Read Your Results

Understanding your oil, coolant and fuel analysis reports is easy with the help of this handy guide. It walks you through the sections of your report and explains key numbers and terms.

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