Undercarriage for Mining Equipment
Undercarriage for Mining Equipment





When you’re working in some of the toughest conditions in the world, you need undercarriage that will last. All Cat® undercarriage components are integrated with the machine and designed to work as a system. Caterpillar product support, warranty, undercarriage assurance programs and worldwide parts distribution network ensure performance and service you can count on.





Cat® Heavy Duty Extended Life (HDXL) with DuraLink™ Undercarriage

Take your Heavy Duty undercarriage to the next level with exceptional wear life and lower cost per hour than competitive brands, with proven 20-40% longer life. Designed for maximum durability, Cat Heavy Duty Extended Life undercarriage with DuraLink™ is engineered with additional wear material, heat treatment and increased sealability before and after bushing turns. That means more uptime for your business.

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Customer Experiences
Prove Performance

Customers operating multiple types of equipment in all kinds of extreme conditions talk about how Cat undercarriage delivered longer life and lower cost per hour.

Mining Customer Undercarriage Testimonials
Mining Customer Undercarriage Testimonials


No Cool Down Required

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Bushings for Life

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Rolling to Find Diamonds in the Rough

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Better Tramability

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How Far Can You Go?

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Lowering Cost Per Hour

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View undercarriage brochures by machine family

Get information about how Cat undercarriage is built specifically for your machine and how it works. Plus, get tips about operation and maintenance to extend wear life and lower costs.

Mining Undercarriage Brochures
Mining Undercarriage Brochures


Undercarriage Choices for Large Dozers

Large Dozers

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Undercarriage for Hydraulic Mining Shovels

Hydraulic Mining Shovels

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Undercarriage for Electric Rope Shovels

Electric Rope Shovels

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Undercarriage Choices for Rotary Drills

Rotary Drills

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Cat Undercarriage Choices
for Mining

All Cat undercarriage works and wears as a system, ensuring a balanced wear life. That means significantly lower owning and operating costs, increased uptime, reduced maintenance intervals, more productivity and longer service life.

Undercarriage Choices for Construction Equipment
Undercarriage Choices for Construction Equipment


General Duty Undercarriage

General Duty undercarriage is recommended for low-to-moderate impact applications where the elevated performance of Cat Heavy Duty Undercarriage is not needed. While General Duty track is built to different specifications than Heavy Duty, we design it so General Duty and Heavy Duty components are interchangeable to eliminate retrofits and keep downtime to a minimum. Available for D9-D11 dozers.

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HDXL with DuraLink Undercarriage

Heavy Duty Extended Life with DuraLink is engineered with additional wear material, heat treatment and increased sealability before and after bushing turns. Specific enhancements include a link design that reduces scalloping and vibration, increased wear material and a nut seat window redesign to eliminate cracking. Available for D9-D11 dozers.

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Heavy Duty Undercarriage

Heavy Duty undercarriage is specifically engineered for hard rock applications where impact levels range from moderate to high. Built for jobs that need a wear life of 5,000 hours or more, it’s tough enough to handle harsh impact applications with wear material designed for long life in abrasive conditions. Available for D9-D11 dozers and 6015-6090 hydraulic mining shovels.

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Undercarriage Repair Options


Undercarriage can amount to as much as 50% of owning and operating costs. Managing and maintaining undercarriage systems and components extends wear life and lowers overall operating costs.

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Undercarriage CVAs for Mining

Undercarriage Customer Value Agreements (CVAs) provide a hassle-free management solution that helps you get up to 20% more undercarriage life, with pay-as-you-go pricing and flexible dealer support.

Explore CVA Options
Undercarriage Customer Value Agreements (CVAs) for Mining
Undercarriage Customer Value Agreements (CVAs) for Mining





Tips for Undercarriage Maintenance & Management

Undercarriage wear depends on the application, underfoot conditions and skilled operation. The more you know about how to make your undercarriage last, the more money you’ll make. Find tips, selection guides and more for your excavator or dozer below.

Excavator Tips
Dozer Tips
Undercarriage Maintenance Tips for Dozers and Excavators



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A Lineup of Top Performers

Caterpillar offers the most complete line of undercarriage systems and components for construction and mining. Find out more about undercarriage selection, maintenance and cost management.


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Undercarriage for Construction Equipment

Construction contractors around the world count on Cat equipment. From the smallest jobs to the biggest projects, Cat machines deliver top performance under the toughest job conditions.

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Caterpillar offers the broadest line of underground and surface mining equipment in the industry, with expert dealer support around the globe.


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