Improve Operator Awareness & Prevent Unsafe Operation

Improve awareness. Work safer.

Cat Detect Technology

Cat® Detect

Cat® Detect safety technology helps operators become more aware of their surroundings and automatically prevents them from engaging in certain unsafe operations. Proximity sensing systems limit machine movement in tight spaces, while cameras and other sensors keep operators informed about equipment and personnel working near their machines.


Improve Safety. Reduce Costs. Prevent Accidents.

Cat Detect improves jobsite safety by taking advantage of cameras, e-fences and advanced sensor systems. It can automatically limit movement to keep machines within safe operating areas, and let operators know if someone or something comes near their machine while they’re working—keeping everyone on the site safe and productive all shift long.


Everyone Home Safe, Every Day.

Cat Detect technology has been protecting operators, equipment and site personnel for years on sites just like yours. Here are some stories from contractors who rely on Cat Detect to maintain safe operations and keep their jobsites running smoothly.

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