What does it take to become a transformational safety leader?

Leaders who apply the right safety leadership skills can help establish a strong safety culture.

Safety Leadership
Safety Leadership

Safety Leadership Training

Safety doesn’t just happen. It’s an intentional act that needs to be honed personally by leaders over time. 

But often, safety falls onto the shoulders of front-line supervisors or those with ‘safety’ in their job title. Senior leaders should demonstrate visible commitment to safety and have clearly defined expectations for quality safety activities embedded into every level of the organization to build a more effective safety culture. 

But how exactly is all of that done? How do you build safety into the DNA of your organization? How can you empower your leaders to positively influence your safety culture and inspire everyone to take responsibility for safety, no matter their job title? 

Supporting training programs on these topics can be found at SafelyHome, the Caterpillar Training Center. Or watch the recorded presentation below to learn how to take immediate action.


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✓ The most common safety aches and pains, regardless of your industry

✓ Why leadership and safety go together

✓ What good safety looks like and why 'more' is not the answer

✓ The six criteria for safety excellence

✓ How leaders can demonstrate safety as a value

✓ An action-based plan for leaders to instill safety

✓ How to drive change through accountability 

✓ The 'must-haves' to every pre-shift safety meeting

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