3512E HD Dry Manifold with ATAAC Petroleum Engine Well Servicing Engines

3512E Tier 4 Final

Product Specifications for 3512E Tier 4 Final

General Specifications



3512E Tier 4 Final Standard Equipment

Air Inlet System

  • Air-to-air aftercooled
  • Air cleaners (single element w/service indicator)

Control System

  • With electronic fuel injector fuel system (10 amp DC power required to drive electronic engine control module)

Cooling System

  • Thermostats and housing, jacket water pump, gear-driven centrifugal (gear-driven centrifugal pumps)

Exhaust System

  • Land Well Service Engine:
  • Offshore Well Service Engine:

Flywheels & Flywheel Housing

  • Flywheel, SAE No. 0, 151 teeth

Fuel System

  • Secondary/tertiary fuel filters
  • Fuel priming pump (electric)
  • Common rail fuel system
  • Fuel transfer pump

Lube System

  • Crankcase breather — top-mounted
  • Electric prelube
  • Fumes disposal
  • Oil cooler
  • Oil filler and dipstick — LH
  • Oil pump
  • Oil filter — RH spin-on type
  • Rear sump oil pan, 250-hour change interval
  • Oil pan drain valve, 1" NPT female connection
  • Oil scavenger pump

Mounting System

  • Trunion front support

Power Take-Offs

  • Accessory drive -- Lower LH/upper RH
  • Front housing, two-sided

Protection System

  • ADEM A4 ECU system to provide customer programmable engine deration strategies to protect against adverse operating conditions
  • Emergency stop logic inputs provided at 40-pin customer interface connection
  • Dual Air inlet shutoff
  • Oil pressure monitor


  • Paint, Cat yellow
  • Vibration damper and guard
  • Lifting eyes
  • Hydraulic valve lash adjusters
  • Power link engine monitoring

3512E Tier 4 Final Optional Equipment

Air Inlet System

  • Optional heavy-duty air cleaners (dual element/service indicator with precleaners)
  • Four front-mounted turbochargers

Charging System

  • Charging alternators

Control System

  • Throttle position sensors
  • Local speed throttle control
  • Governor conversion
  • Variable speed radiator fan control

Cooling System

  • Coolant regulator conversion
  • Water level switch gauge
  • Coolant level sensors and coolant conditioner
  • External transmission cooler connections
  • Variable speed hydraulic fan pump

Emissions Certifications

  • US EPA Tier 4 Final

Exhaust System

  • Flexible exhaust fitting
  • Elbows, flange, bellows, rain caps
  • Industrial and residential mufflers (painted steel and stainless steel)

Fuel Systems

  • Flexible fuel lines
  • Primary fuel filter/fuel water separator


  • Remote panel display and remote cylinder temperature display

Lube System

  • 500- hour deep sump oil pan (rear sump pan)

Power Take-Offs

  • Flywheel stub shaft
  • Front Crankshaft Adapter

Protection System

  • Sensors
  • Shutoff controls

Starting System

  • Hydraulic starter
  • Hydraulic starter - RH
  • Dual hydraulic starter - LHR
  • Manual engine barring device


  • Air compressor
  • Aftertreatment support package

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