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Take a
Closer Look

Cat filters and fluids

Are Cat® Filters and Fluids really different?

We all used to think it... filters are filters and fluids are fluids. Then we asked, "Who could protect Cat® engines better than the team that engineered them?" Ever since, Cat filters and fluids have delivered industry-leading protection for your Cat equipment. From unique design to proven results, they make a real difference for your bottom line.


"We've cut open filters before. You can see the difference... In our oil sampling, you can see the difference."

– Chris Johnson, Equipment Manager, Kaw Valley Companies


Cat Filters and Fluids | Take a Closer Look Overview





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Here's Why "System Design" Matters
to You.

Different by Design
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Parts Tailored to your Business

Want to see the parts that fit your equipment – and none that don’t? On Parts.Cat.Com you can save key information, including serial numbers, past orders and payment information.


Four videos and four words on cat filters and fluids

Smart customers ask smart questions. Is this product really different? How? Why should I believe it? Get the full story on Cat filters and fluids from the ones who know them best. You’ll notice a theme from engineers to manufacturers to dealers and customers who see them in the field. There’s a real difference that really matters for your operation.  


The Difference


The Proof


The Design


The Decision

Cat Filters and Fluids | The Difference
Cat Filters and Fluids | The Proof
Cat Filters and Fluids | The Design
Cat Filters and Fluids | The Decision

Cat Filters

Cat Fluids

Cat Filters

Whether manufacturers or customers, any filter expert knows how to compare Cat filters with the rest. “Just cut it open.” Since you probably don’t have one next to your phone or computer, we broke down what you would see and why it matters. Check out the unique design features, industry-leading test results and how they can extend injector life by up to 45%. 

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Cat filter design

Cat Fluids

Here’s the thing. It’s harder to see the difference between Cat fluids and inferior fluids. You can look at molecule diagrams or talk sheer stability and oxidation resistance. But let’s focus on what matters most. Cat fluids impact your operation’s bottom line. Check out lab test comparisons, customer studies and how advanced fluids could mean one oil change instead of three.

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Cat Filters and Fluids Work Together To Save You Money

When you think of Cat equipment, you think of top performance. That performance is maximized with Cat filters and fluids — a key piece to system design. Check out this brochure on how Cat filters and fluids protect your machine and bottom line. 


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Cat filters and fluids

Your dealer's got it from here.

Whether you have questions, need advice on the right filters and fluids, or want to know what purchase options are available — your Cat dealer is ready to help, anytime.

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Plan on Peace of mind with filters and fluids in a CVA

Cat Customer Value Agreements (CVAs) are the easiest way to get Cat filters and fluids — delivered right to you, right on time for maintenance. CVAs also offer an Equipment Protection Plan and key machine insights right on your phone. It’s a one-stop solution to keep your machine easy to own and ready to work. That’s a CVA. 

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Cat filters and fluids