Silver Precious Metals Kit
Silver Precious Metals Kit


This precious metals kit delivers a reliable, affordable repair




There’s a Cat® heavy-duty precious metals kit designed for a wide range of repair needs — from the low-cost, basic rebuilds of bronze kits to the premium overhauls of platinum kits — that reset your truck engine to like new specifications. Bronze kits provide main, rod and thrust bearings as well as exhaust sleeves, exhaust manifold studs and other value-add components.

If you notice warning signs like a decrease in power, an increase in oil consumption or excessive exhaust smoke, you may be due for a simple rebuild. If you’re able to reuse your connecting rods, a more intensive maintenance option, like the silver precious metals kit, is likely your best choice. Silver kits build on the parts included in bronze kits, with additional pistons, rings, pins and retainers.


Silver Kits make it easy

Don’t waste time and money ordering repair parts individually. Every Cat precious metals silver kit:

  • Contains the parts you need for a reliable, high-quality repair that meets Caterpillar’s recommended overhaul practices
  • Includes new components so there’s no core charge
  • Saves you up to 30% more than the cost of buying components separately
  • Comes with an unlimited miles, 12-month Caterpillar Limited Warranty1 covering parts1, labor1 and resultant damage1 (and an option to add 24-, 36- or 48-month Extended Service Coverage)
  • Is available from your authorized Cat dealer, ready to install to minimize your downtime and maintain productivity

why choose a cat precious metals silver kit


Rod and main bearing set

Critical internal components are designed for your Cat engine

Head gasket set

Comprehensive set — no missing O-rings or gaskets

Front cover gear seal

Replacing the seal, which can be damaged during removal, helps prevent leaks

Oil pan gasket

One-piece steel/silicate design is better than paper gaskets

Kit gasket (single fuel injector)

Replacing injector seals helps prevent fuel dilution and engine damage

Exhaust manifold sleeves, high-temp studs and locking nuts

Debris from unexpected failure could damage turbo and cylinder components

Oil pan isolator assemblies

Replacement ensures compliance with emission and noise standards


Replacement ensures proper cooling and prevents overheating

Advanced efficiency oil filters and fuel filters

Increased filtration reduces wear and protects fuel system from contamination

Liners, piston body skirts, rings, wrist pins and liner seals

Critical internal components are designed for your Cat engine

Piston crowns

Replacement helps improve performance and reliability


1Warranty can vary by model and application; limitations may apply. For complete details about the applicable Caterpillar Limited Warranty, contact an authorized Cat dealer.




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