It's Time You Saved on Genuine Cat® Parts

Cat truck engine parts offers: Save on engine rebuild parts, engine repair parts, engine replacement parts, engine overhaul parts and remanufactured engine parts.
Cat truck engine parts offers: Save on engine rebuild parts, engine repair parts, engine replacement parts, engine overhaul parts and remanufactured engine parts.

Go Further with Special Offers on Truck Engine Parts

Ready to keep rolling and keep saving? Take advantage of these special promotions on Cat® truck engine parts available through December 31, 2024. Offers include engine replacement parts, engine rebuild parts, remanufactured engine parts and more — so you can tackle everything from simple repairs to complete overhauls. Act now and go the distance.

Choose Cat Reman Truck Engine Parts

Rebuild Your Engine, Repower Your Truck

1Additional requirements apply. Contact your authorized Cat dealer for more information.
2$500 off heavy-duty and medium-duty turbos, full core credit for equivalent heavy-duty or medium-duty aftermarket core.
3Heavy-duty and select medium-duty UTN heads purchased separately from engine or block.
4$500 off heavy-duty and medium-duty precious metals kits, excluding titanium and HEUI™ fuel system kits.
5$1000 off heavy-duty and medium-duty long blocks and medium-duty titanium precious metals kits.
Restrictions apply. Amounts in USD. CAD exchange rate may vary. Caterpillar reserves the right to modify or cancel these programs or audit claims submitted against these programs at any time.



Start Saving with Cat Truck Engine Parts Offers

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How do I redeem these savings on truck engine parts?
It's easy. Just click on the offer that interests you and complete the form on that page. You'll receive a coupon that you can take to your local authorized Cat dealer to save on engine repair parts or remanufactured engine parts.

I'm looking for a deal on engine overhaul parts or engine rebuild parts. Is there an offer for me?
Yes! Be sure to check out the savings on precious metals kits and Cat Reman long blocks in addition to the other Cat truck engine parts deals.

I'm interested in engine replacement parts. Which offer should I choose?
All the offers can help you save on Cat truck engine parts. For a complete engine replacement, don't miss the Cat Reman heavy-duty engines offer.

For the full core credit offers, do I have to return a Cat core?
No! We're offering full core credit on equivalent aftermarket cores as part of the Cat Reman water pump, turbo and cylinder head offers. Take a look at the individual offer pages for more details.

When do these Cat truck engine parts offers expire?
All six offers are good through December 31, 2024. Act now to take advantage of the savings on engine repair and replacement parts — including remanufactured engine parts!



Looking for more? Reach out to your Cat Dealer.

Your local authorized Cat dealer can help you find the right repair and maintenance options for your Cat truck engine. Plus, additional resources are just a click away. Explore the links below for details.




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