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Through the decades, trucking has been a link in the chain holding modern life together.

Without it, and without drivers like you, the world comes to a standstill. That's why Caterpillar wants to say thanks to you and every truck driver who ever worked hard and sacrificed to make sure modern life kept chugging along.

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Cat through the years
Cat through the years

In the 1970s:

We launched some of our most popular models, including the 3208, 3306, 3406 and 3408 — positioning ourselves as the leader in the mid-range truck market.

In the ‘70s

In the 1980s:

Fuel efficiency was the name of the game. Our 3406 and 3408 engines hit seven miles per gallon at a time when most truckers were getting five or fewer.

In the ‘80s

In the 1990s:

High horsepower ruled. And along with a focus on continuing to improve fuel economy came a new technological challenge, reducing emissions.

In the ‘90s

In the 2000s:

Our precious metals rebuild kits hit the market for the first time, as did many of our C Series engines, including one known as the "King of the Hill" — the 625hp C15.

In the 2000s