Cat Grade Technology
Cat Grade Technology


Are you still manually attaching and removing machine attachments? See how the switch to quick couplers can help you work more efficiently.

Jason Hurdis 
Global Market Professional, Construction Materials, Caterpillar Inc.

Do your applications require equipment to use multiple attachments throughout the day? Are you looking for ways to get more jobs done with a limited number of machines?

One simple way to boost productivity and speed up your work is by switching to quick couplers on your equipment. They eliminate the time and effort required to manually attach and remove work tools. Here are five ways your operation can benefit:


1. Save money

Quick couplers make attachments interchangeable, allowing machines in similar size classes to share a common set of work tools. That means you don’t need to spend money purchasing dedicated attachments for each piece of equipment in your fleet. 


2. Work more quickly and safely

With a quick coupler, the operator stays in the cab to change attachments, a process that takes only seconds. It’s safer, too, because it means fewer people on the ground are exposed to potential hazards. Visual and audible indicators in the cab let operators know attachments are connected properly from the time of engagement, throughout the job and until disengagement.


3. Increase your versatility

The right mix of work tools can turn one machine into a multi-tasker, and a quick coupler allows that machine to switch between attachments with ease. You can use quick couplers with dozens of different work tools, including:

  • Buckets

  • Grapples

  • Hammers

  • Mulchers 

  • Multi-processors

  • Pulverizers

  • Rippers

  • Scrap and demolition shears 

  • Thumbs



4. Reduce attachment wear

Using the wrong attachment for the work increases wear and reduces service life. But sometimes, busy operators don’t feel like they have the time to manually switch to the proper work tool. Quick couplers help eliminate that problem.


5. Save time on maintenance

The right quick coupler won’t just save you time on attachment changes — it’ll also simplify on-the-job maintenance. Cat® quick couplers, for example, come with an easily accessible primary grease point to speed up routine service. A shield also covers the coupler to help keep debris out.

Want more details on how quick couplers work and the many ways they can help you increase productivity? Check out this article. And tune into this webinar for an expert look at how attachments can boost your business.