Factors That Can Help You Choose the Best Repair Option





Does the word “repair” immediately make you think of spending money and losing time on the job? It’s true that every repair involves some expense and downtime, but you can minimize both by choosing the right repair option for your machine and situation. All you have to do is keep in mind these four factors.



Length of ownership

  • The age of your equipment is the largest single determinant of market value.
  • The longer you own equipment, the longer you have to earn returns on what you invest to keep it running.
  • In general, the closer you are to selling or replacing the equipment, the less likely you are to make large repair investments, because you won’t have ample time to recoup the investment.


How equipment is used

Machines that are primary production machines and accumulate high hours really have two priorities:

  • Minimize any downtime. You need repairs to be completed quickly, because the cost of downtime is high.
  • Ensure high durability and reliability. You want the strongest, longest-lasting replacement components to avoid repeat repairs.

If it’s a utility machine, components don’t work as long or as hard. Because a utility machine works fewer hours, downtime costs less. You may be able to afford more time in the shop and choose more economical part options.


Affordability of the repair

  • Because cash flow is fluid, it’s important to know what your budget limitations are going into the discussion with your dealer or repair shop.
  • Your Cat® dealer will work with you on repairs as simple as replacing hydraulic seals. Or, if that’s something you can tackle yourself, you can purchase parts kits to make your job faster and easier.
  • Warranty can also be a factor in the affordability decision. Be sure to check on the warranty requirements for parts and labor. Consider extended warranties that may be available.


Turnaround time of the repair

  • Is the impact of downtime so great that getting back to work quickly is the only thing that really matters?
  • Does the dealer have a comparable machine in the rental fleet? If production can continue, you may be able to choose a different repair option that takes more time, but comes in at a lower price point.



Your Cat dealer has a wide range of options designed to give you the flexibility and value you’re looking for. Explore your options.




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