Health & Operations Monitoring, Enabled by Cat® Remote Fleet Vision

Health & Operations Monitoring, Enabled by Cat® Remote Fleet Vision

Cat® Remote Fleet Vision (RFV) provides you with the customized data you need to identify and resolve problems quickly. Locate, track, and manage all your assets with just a few clicks – no matter where you’re located or what brands you operate. Choose the features that best fit your goals. Whether you aim to improve efficiency, reduce risk, cut costs, or boost your bottom line, the data is at your fingertips through any satellite, cellular or local network connection.


Cat Remote Fleet Vision Featured Benefits:


  • Excellence in service and trusted partnership

Cat RFV is more than a beneficial technology solution. It’s reliable, actionable data, supported by trusted partners and the exceptional service you expect from Caterpillar.

  • Timely, reliable data to help you make smart, fast decisions – from wherever you are.

In your operation, downtime is not an option. With Cat RFV, you have access to the data and analytics you need to monitor asset location, operation status and maintenance or repair needs. This accurate and timely information helps you to make smarter, faster decisions about how to maximize the life and health of your fleet.

  • When issues arise, timing is critical.

With customizable, user-defined thresholds, you can decide when and how you receive timely alerts. Through e-mail, text, or an automated call tree, you can ensure you reach the right person who can act immediately in a critical situation.

  • The view from 30,000 feet: Using field and historical data to pinpoint issues.

Cat RFV works with your engine’s Product Link™ hardware to provide a comprehensive view of asset health – on Cat or any other manufacturer’s engine. This makes it fast and easy to determine if issues lie with the engine or with equipment like a compressor, transmission or pump – allowing you to make a targeted call on maintenance or repair needs.

  • Ensuring the security of your information. 

Cat RFV takes the protection and security of your information seriously. Our equipment technologies and services are built to deliver benefits while respecting your information. Our software is secure, encrypted and authenticated, and web application connections are protected with user login authentication and role-based access controls.

  • Customization and flexibility so you can get what you need and not what you don’t.

Cat RFV technology solutions are fully customizable and tailored to your specific needs – based on size of fleet, budget, established workflows, and more.  The best way to stay on top of it all is unique for every operation, so your technology and accompanying support should be too.


Health & Operations monitoring services, enabled by Cat Remote Fleet Vision. Choose the features that best fit your goals. Whether you aim to improve efficiency, reduce risk, or minimize downtime, the data is at your finger tips.

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