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Measure rolling resistance accurately and automatically—and move on to the next job confident you’ve met compaction requirements. That’s the advantage Cat® Machine Drive Power (MDP) delivers over conventional methods of measurement. It uses sensors to measure rolling resistance as the machine moves, then alerts operators when they’ve hit their targets.

Here are four ways MDP could make a big difference on your next project:

1. More Cost Savings

  • Taxpayers will benefit from extended life of public projects, such as roads, airports, levees and other infrastructure investments

  • Fewer required passes means lower costs, which is likely to reduce bids

  • Realizing compaction problems during the job allows you to make adjustments immediately, avoiding rework

2. Fewer Passes

  • Reduce fuel burn

  • Use labor more efficiently

  • Use machinery more productively

  • Meet project deadlines

3. Better Monitoring

  • In-cab display provides operator with real-time feedback

  • Stiffness can be monitored both in the cab and remotely—at a computer, on an iPad or over a smartphone if VisionLink® is being used

  • Also with VisionLink usage, state and federal inspectors can remotely monitor a project

4. Increased Data Collection

  • Does not measure as deeply as accelerometer-based systems; monitors closer to the depth of typical lift

  • Operators produce data on 100% of the surface, compared with 1% using traditional portable testing devices/methods with mapping

  • Works well on all types of soils: fine, granular and cohesive

  • Measures with the vibe system on or off; can handle proof rolling

  • Performs on smooth drums, padfoot drums or smooth drums equipped with shell kits

Cat Construction Technology Pays Off Every Day.

Cat technology helps you get more done every day, and pays for itself time and time again.

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