Added Protection in the Harshest Places

Cat® Natural Gas Engine Oil (NGEO™) Special Application
Cat® Natural Gas Engine Oil (NGEO™) Special Application

Cat® Natural Gas Engine Oil (NGEO™) Special Application

For engines working in landfill, well-head, digester, and biogas applications


Your engine can take a beating when performing critical operations. It is why Caterpillar offers a solution to safeguard it. Cat® NGEO™ Special Application contains additives to help extend oil life, reduce maintenance costs, and improve engine performance. When optimizing operations and lowering costs are top priorities, make sure your engine is up to the challenge of working in severe environments.

Increase uptime with natural gas additives designed to keep your engine running smoothly in the most difficult jobs. When your engine is cleaner, it can do its best work, and you can get the job done faster.

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  • Extended oil life
  • Reduced filter costs
  • Less engine component wear
  • Severe acids and contaminants neutralization
  • Clean engine and deposit formation resistance
  • Improved engine performance
  • Less pre-ignition or detonation damage and power loss
  • Better fuel economy
  • Less environmental impacts
  • Lower product, labor, and disposal costs
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Performance highlights

  • Carefully balanced formulation provides extended oil life and delivers superior engine protection and performance

  • Designed to significantly increase engine cleanliness and control deposit formation

  • Successfully field tested in a variety of engines for landfill, well-head, digester, and biogas applications

  • Extends engine oil intervals compared to typical gas engine oils for improved productivity and engine durability as well as reduced downtime, manpower, and fleet service


The Cumberland County Improvement Authority in southern New Jersey utilizes landfill gas to reduce emissions.


The Cedar Rapids Linn County Solid Waste Agency operates the 75-acre landfill in Marion, Iowa, which serves 17 communities in the county.


The F.R. Bowerman Landfill generates electrical power by capturing and conditioning the landfill gas while meeting strict California emission requirements.


Customer success story – save with Cat NGEO Special Application

Wabash Valley Power Alliance has 61 Cat generator sets rated between 800-1600 kW running on landfill gas (53 3516s).


The Challenge

Caterpillar and their dealer MacAllister completed a 7,000-hour test at their Liberty 3 plant in Monticello, Indiana, versus the Alliance’s current supplier. The challenge was to prove ability to extend drain intervals utilizing complete system solution (Cat oil, filters, S•O•S) and convert the business.


The Solution

MacAllister, with support from Caterpillar, delivered detailed results of the test and the overall dollar value potential savings using the Cat Systems Solution.

Test Results and Projected Savings

Product Performance: 1.7x extended drain intervals

  • Extended oil drains by 500 hours per engine where there was no siloxane or silicon issue

Sustainability: 14,500 gallons saved

  • Five fewer oil/filter changes annually per engine
  • Less waste oil being disposed of annually

Product Savings: 305 fewer oil changes

  • $300 reduced labor cost replacing oil and filters per engine
  • 300 more work hours available per year

Productivity Savings: $61,000 yearly savings

  • $1,000 per engine a year and improved component life. Expecting reduced O&M cost over life cycle of engine


Total customer solutions

Cat NGEO Special Application helps ensure your engine delivers the performance you need to meet the demands and challenges of your application. You can keep your gas engine working efficiently and maximize the value of your investment with lower maintenance costs and longer engine component life.

Combine that with Cat filters and other services, and you’ll get total care to manage your systems and drive your business forward. Take advantage of the dealer network to provide unmatched expertise and support.

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