Cat® Equipment Management

Caterpillar’s Equipment Management delivers easy-to-understand fleet data to help you control costs, improve operations, manage people and reduce risk

Equipment Management
Equipment Management

Equipment Management is Intelligence in Action

STAY A STEP AHEAD Leverage technology that enables proactive problem solving. Schedule maintenance and take on repairs in real time to ensure assets are always operating at peak performance.

MAINTENANCE ALERTS AND SCHEDULING Maximize engine and equipment life and keep operations on track by scheduling more precise servicing and repairs.

REMOTE TROUBLESHOOTING AND DIAGNOSTICS Avoid costly repairs and downtime, when possible, through remote alerts and software upgrades.

ACTIVE MAINTENANCE MANAGEMENT Be proactive in the management of maintenance needs for an entire fleet. Schedule regular, preventive care to keep assets healthy and operating at peak performance.

REAL-TIME TROUBLESHOOTING React to alerts in real time and deploy solutions immediately to avoid unnecessary downtime.

GAIN A DEEP UNDERSTANDING Monitor critical aspects of your entire fleet to stay ahead of servicing or repair needs to optimize jobsite productivity.

ESSENTIAL ONSITE ASSET MONITORING Track the running hours and location of assets. Receive real-time alerts concerning service needs to help avoid costly downtime.

TOTAL FLEET MONITORING Keep track of every asset in operation, not just Cat® machines. Consolidate complete fleet data to a single source — allowing for simplified management.

APPLICATION-SPECIFIC HEALTH MONITORING Leverage unique monitoring systems, tailored to specific equipment and operations. Key in on specific problem areas and deploy specific solutions to optimize productivity.

ENSURE A MORE PRODUCTIVE FUTURE This robust suite of analytic services is designed to predict issues more accurately before they arise — ensuring problems are fixed before they shut down operations.

ASSET HEALTH ANALYSIS Gather critical data from every part of an asset to track trends and anticipate maintenance before repairs become necessary.

PREDICTIVE DIAGNOSTICS Translate collected asset data into actionable items by determining specific next steps after receiving unique fault codes.

PRESCRIPTIVE ANALYTICS This analytics system takes in real-time data and runs numerous scenarios to provide operators with the best course of action in any situation.

EXPERT KNOWLEDGE IN ACTION From consulting to outsourcing, Caterpillar delivers the expertise needed to get the most out of every asset in a fleet.

DEDICATED FLEET ADVISOR Utilize a dedicated Caterpillar expert to oversee complete fleet management — freeing operators to pursue other business opportunities.

FLEET MANAGEMENT CONSULTING Leverage integrated Caterpillar consultants for access to greater expertise and to help ensure optimized, risk-free operations.

ENGINEERING TEAM SUPPORT Comprehensive engineering expertise, provided by Caterpillar, to help overcome technical challenges that threaten uptime.

TOTAL FLEET MANAGEMENT Turn over complete oversight to Caterpillar experts to maximize production — allowing operators the freedom to focus on core business operations.

CRITICAL DATA DELIVERED Receive customizable, real-time reports that make effective fleet management possible.

ASSET HEALTH ALERTS Customize how and when alerts are sent to better focus on assets in critical need of intervention.

ESSENTIAL REPORTING Keep track of asset metrics over time to gain a holistic view of the health of an entire fleet.

ROBUST REPORTING & DASHBOARDS Decide which asset metrics matter most without losing sight of the overall health of a complex fleet of equipment.

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