Truck Bodies for mining trucks
Truck Bodies for mining trucks


Caterpillar offers a number of application-specific and specialty bodies tailored to a wide range of applications. 

Mine Specific Body (MSD II) 

For mature mines with good operational and maintenance practices, the lightweight MSD II body is available in several sizes. This site-specific body designed to maximize performance. 

  • Lightweight base body with configurable liner zones to prioritize productivity and durability.

  • Analyzed and tested internal and external gussets optimize stress distribution

  • Rearward taper assist with material ejection

  • Optional carryback reduction features (front wall curved transition and corner pop-out plates) 

  • Available in various capacities to accommodate worldwide material densities

  • Exhaust heat ready

  • Full front machine coverage (guards and canopy)

  • Back compatible with older truck models

Combination Body 

This is a multi-purpose, high volume body for light density, well fragmented material. It’s based on the dual slope design for applications that require a flexible body to haul light ore (such as coal) and light, well fragmented overburden. 

  • Robust enough to handle overburden when equipped with a site-specific liner package 

  • Provides the increased volume required for coal hauling applications 

  • Body heat exhaust is available as an option to minimize material carry back

Gateless Coal Body

This specialized high-volume body, available in several sizes, is targeted at dedicated coal haulage applications with minimal impact. This body builds on the proven design of the MSDII understructure. Robust structural elements unite with geometric and steel efficiencies to create a durable high-volume truck body. Eliminating the tailgate reduces damage and downtime, reduces additional weight and lowers maintenance costs. The coal body helps you:

  • Attain target payload in coal 

  • Maintain proper center of gravity 

  • Maximize payload, with less weight than other modified body options 

  • Minimize maintenance, eliminated the cost and downtime associated with tailgates

Dual Slope Body 

The original Cat standard body, the Dual Slope body provides excellent load retention, maintains a low center of gravity with optimum load distribution, reduces shock loading and is available in lined and unlined configurations. It features 450 BHN base plate for improved impact and wear.

Oil Sands Body

This body is specifically designed for use in challenging Canadian Oil Sands applications. 

Custom Body Attachments 

A variety of attachments including tail extensions, sideboards, impact and wear liners, external reinforcements and rock shedders are available to maintain rated payload, reduce spillage and improve hauling efficiencies.

Cat® Truck Body Options

Matching the truck body to the application is a critical part of achieving the best value from your Cat truck. Integral to the truck, Cat bodies are designed to fit with the chassis and work as part of the truck system. They are sized to meet the payload requirements without compromise to vehicle balance, braking or control. 

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truck bodies and body options
truck bodies and body options